Tips for Watching Better Streaming Videos

cinema-450805_960_720Hi everyone, I’ve just returned from a friend’s place. We had a blast watching a live video streaming on my friend’s latest smartphone. With many big names in streaming such as UStream, Justin TV and other options present, you can now have easy access to entertainment and news in real time.

But being spoilt for choices can have its own downside. Choosing the wrong one can make the entire experience a sour one. Here are some quick streaming tricks and tips to make your streaming path smoother and truly enjoyable.

Use your TV for comfort

While streaming works best on your desktop, watching it is not as comfortable as in you do in your couch in the living room. If you have a desktop or laptop with HDMI port, you can connect it to your HDTV and watch. Comfort is always paramount whether you are at home or driving in your car. And when it comes to babies and kids safety too ranks high in the list. My friend uses a top quality car seat he got from, to ensure his child is safe and comfortable while driving.

Streaming resolution

If you have hiccupping or stuttering streams, changing the resolution of the video stream can help. But I’ve found that lowering the resolution is not the answer to this problem. You may have to experiment with higher and lower resolutions, before you find one that works better.

Easy stream switch

apple-691282_960_720For those who are more inclined towards streaming video games and related videos, third party streaming clients such as WellPlayed and Teevox provide an all-inclusive and user friendly interface for watching the streams from or

If you want to view multiple streams concurrently or switch easily between two separate streams, Teevox is a great choice. It has two mobile Android apps, so you can even watch your favourite shows on the go.

My friend uses these apps while he goes on family trips. With his wife driving and kid safely secured in a Infant Car Seat, he enjoys the videos without any interruption.  With the help of the apps your tablet or smartphone can turn into a remote for controlling your PC, if your streaming via your PC for your HDTV. You needn’t get up every time you want to change channels.

Easy chat feature

The key feature that makes live streaming popular is the ease with which you can interact with all other viewers and even the event host via the inbuilt chat feature such as mIRC.  You just log into the chat room on the streaming TV such as Twitch or Justin TV by entering your account name and the channel you prefer to watch.  Once you enter in the password, you can join the chat with other viewers and best of all, you will not have any lag in the video as the pressure on the browser is eliminated.

Hardware acceleration

When you come across a heavy pixelated stream, or you are using web player with Flash base, you have a way out of the heavy pixilation.  You should right click on your stream window and choose the settings option. In the settings, uncheck the enable hardware acceleration. While the pixilation issue may not resolve, if it is due to fault in our internet connection, the hardware acceleration has been found to cause the pixilation in many live streaming sites.

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