Tips For A Clutter-Free Desk

Tips For A Clutter-Free Desk

Hi, how are you? It’s been quite some time since my last post. I missed all of you guys!

I’ve been doing a lot of things lately and hardly able to sit in my computer desk. In fact, when I got back to my computer desk, I realized that everything’s a mess. So, I decided to do a major desk clean-up. I had thrown lots of useless stuff that have piled up in my desk and where mosquitoes have found a good breeding place. I had to use an insect repellant, the one I read at, to finally get rid of them.

Upon completing my clean-up drive, I decided to write this post. Here let me give you some tips and tricks on how to maintain a clutter-free desk!

  1. Label your folders, equipment and accessories

Keep your documents properly labeled and organized in folders. As for the devices, you can label tem based on the device where it is used.

  1. Digitize all files

Every time you receive a document, automatically scan it. Decide whether you need to keep the paper document. If you would still need the actual paper document, store it in a labeled folder. If you are not likely to use it, place it in a box that is ready for long-term storage. This should keep your desk free of piles of papers.

  1. Organize your wires and cables

Wires and cables are a common annoyance in office or home desks. They do not only look your desk disorganized they can also cause electronic problems. A good way to keep them organized is by bundling them together using Velcro one-wraps. If the chords are long enough, you can coil them up and store beneath the table.

  1. Keep paperclips, USB sticks, and other small items in boxes

Aside from wires these small digital gadgets and office supplies can easily clutter your desk. Place a box at your desk where you can store all these items. You can repurpose any box or buy an office box. I have a repurposed gift box.

  1. Make more storage, away from your desk

Most of the time, you don’t have enough storage space so things get piled up in your office desk. To avoid clutter from piling up in your desk, you might need to create new storage spaces. Make sure that these storage spaces are away from your desk – perhaps, a new overhead cabinet or a separate desk with drawers.

Lastly, make sure that you clean up before you leave your desk. This is one lesson I learned while cleaning up my own mess. I’m sure I won’t be having this problem if I only diligently did this one thing every single day!

So, there you have it, my tips for a clutter-free, ready-for-work desk. Hopefully, you got some nice tips. See you on my next post!

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