The Making of Barbecue Party

The Making of Barbecue PartyI’m the kind of guy that likes barbecue so much, I don’t even need a special occasion to do it. Sometimes I prepare food just for myself, using a grill or a smoker. But there’s something about barbecuing a ton of food for a big gathering of people that just feels right to me.

Maybe that’s why I go out of my way to cook out for my friends so often. At least they’re nice enough to bring along some meat when we all get together; all I usually buy is fuel for the fire. But then I do all the cooking too, and everyone usually likes the finished product, so that probably has something to do with the way things work.

As usual, I used the best smoker equipment to prepare the various meats my friends brought to be cooked – this is a splendid example. There’s something about that smoky flavor and the way smoked meat kind of falls apart in the mouth; it’s just perfect if you ask me. Sure, it takes several hours to cook thoroughly, with additional cooking time needed to really get the flavor of your smoke chips or pellets into the food, but I don’t mind at all. Neither do my guests apparently, since many of them managed to show up well before the time I advertised, so I could start smoking their share of the food early.

I know what you’re going to say – how could smoking possibly be better than grilling if it takes so much longer to get food ready to eat? I used to think exactly that myself. In fact, I used to use the usual grill but reverted to awesome smokers after tasting the meat prepared at a friend’s birthday party. I kind of talked his ear off that day, asking all kinds of questions about how he prepared his food, what specific wood chips or pellets he was using, the kind of smoker he used, and on and on. But it paid off. He was very informative, and now I make some of the best smoked meats anyone I know has ever tasted.

There were ribs, chicken, burgers, dogs, pretty much every kind of meat you could want at a grill out and enough of everything that everyone who was visiting got what they wanted. Usually something runs out before the event is over and then someone ends up wanting some of that specific thing when there is no more, but that wasn’t the case this last time. I just love when people bring enough to feed everyone; there are few things more annoying than cooking tons of food and having it still not be enough to satisfy all my guests.

We’re already making plans for our next barbecue party too. More than a few people recommended steaks, and while I do like grilling steaks, I also know they can get pretty costly, especially for the choice cuts of meat. Really though, I don’t care how much they cost, as long as I don’t have to buy any of the food myself. I think I’ll let the others work out who will buy what on their own time. I do all the cooking, after all.

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