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Sports For A Fit Geek
Sports For A Fit Geek

Sports For A Fit Geek

Except for yo-yo, I actually don’t have any sports. Or is yo-yo even a sport? Well, I hope so.

Geekyness and sports don’t always (perhaps hardly ever) go together. They’re like oil and water that don’t mix up. I admit, I haven’t played any sport for the longest time.

Well, don’t get me wrong. I’m not taking about “games” because they are technically not sports. You won’t burn real calories or sweat out by outclassing others in a speed-chess match!

A real sporting event is where you’ll get your butt out of the couch, work your muscles and burn fat; the likes of basketball or soccer or football where you will wear sports gears like those at PatioSport.com. These are “real” sports! But the problem with these sports is that you’ll have to mingle and work with a team. Well, that’s not our turf. That’s out of our nerdy comfort zone. And I guess, other players would not want to take us into their team too.

But geeks and nerds out there need not shun sports. There are actually some sports the Great Geek God designed for us! Here are some of sporting events geeks might just find exciting.

  1. Tennis: If you don’t feel like playing with an opponent, you could play tennis with yourself! Yeah, you can do that with the tennis practice wall. That’s like shadow-boxing. For sure, you can develop great tennis skills when you do that. Who knows, the next US Open Champ could be from the world of geeks.
  2. Disc Golf: Well, this one’s mix of Frisbee and golf. For this sport, you need to throw the plastic discs in a big, public park. The goal is to land the discs in wire baskets. There’s no running but you’ve got to have good upper-body for the throw and lower-body for the long walk.
  3. Fencing: Perhaps, the best geek-sport, fencing will get your entire body moving. And best of all, you’ve got a lightsaber!
  4. Wushu: We sure love to create and live out our fantasies. Wushu just lets you do it – and people won’t laugh at you. It’s actually Chinese martial arts that can both be used for performance or martial application. You can use bare hands but there are also short weapon or long weapons that will make you look more explosive and fierce! Plus, the costumes are great!
  5. Dance Dance Revolution: Yeah, this sport is actually computer based, again! But it can help you burn calories in just one full round. No need to worry if you’ve got two left foot, as long as you hit the right button.
  6. Wii Fitness: Is this really a sport or a game? But never mind, what’s important is that it can help you sweat out and burn calories. Wii Fitness offers hundreds (if countless) different games and exercise routines that can get your butt moving.

There you have it six sports that nerdy-types will find enjoyable. Hope to see all of you in a Geek Olympics in the future!

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