Singing Along with Favorite Songs

Singing Along with Favorite SongsHave you ever experienced that moment where a familiar song comes on the radio, or on some live stream, or somewhere else, and you just want to sing along with it? Of course you have. I think everyone has felt this once or twice before and I know a few people who seem to do it all the time, like whenever any music they know at all starts playing. I work with a lot of music myself, though it’s usually independent stuff or tunes without any royalties attached – music can sure help to improve the overall quality of a video if the right sort of song is used.

But that’s not really the same thing as what I mentioned first, now is it? No, I’m talking about that sense of spontaneity, the sudden need to sing a song that surges through your soul when those familiar notes find your ears. It’s like, the essence of karaoke, you know? There’s something about having a few drinks and just letting loose like that which is really appealing to me, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because I’m so reserved most of the rest of the time. I do creative work, but it’s always along strict guidelines from clients who want something specific. Just doing my own thing is a lot of fun sometimes.

I’m bringing this up because I actually had a pretty fun night out, a week or so back. I’m really kind of a homebody who likes to keep to himself and not go out all that often, so it actually surprises me when I do have a good time. Not that I don’t have friends or anything – wouldn’t that be sad? No, I have several people I’m close to and comfortable being around. But that’s the thing. I know them, we’ve got some history, so there’s none of that anxiety. Getting back to the music though, I love karaoke, especially when older songs I really like come on the machine.

While it’s something I enjoy doing and quite a bit at that, I sure hope nobody ever makes a video of me going crazy like that. Could you imagine people watching my drunk self, slurring words to songs like I Go For You by Andy Gibb? I can imagine it, and it’s not something I ever want to see. That’s weird isn’t it? Getting loose, getting vulnerable like that, it’s a lot of fun. But it’s also a state I don’t want other people to catch me in. Do any of you know what that’s like? I don’t think it’s exactly rare, but it is weird to me.

Ah, well. I know this is all way off the usual topic for here, but since it’s my blog and I can post what I want in it, that’s just what I’m doing. If anyone has a comment to share about that feeling you get when a familiar song comes on, or how much fun it is to sing when you’re sloshed, or even the sort of apprehension that comes with the day after, by all means, share. I’m just going to keep thinking about this, so some other perspectives would be nice.

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