How to Increase Your Influence

How to Increase Your InfluenceYou notice how most of the words in that title up there are capitalized? That’s actually a nice little way to get people’s attention, to increase your influence over those who are reading your work. Capital letters begin sentences and start paragraphs; they’re things that most people find worth their attention. There are actually many ways to increase your influence and have more of an effect on the people around you. This magnetism that some people call charisma is instrumental in life because if you can influence people, you are much more likely to win arguments with them.

Eliciting a positive reaction (or negative, if that’s what you want) from another person is a powerful skill in the right hands. But that’s not the only reason you’d want to boost your ability to influence others. People can have some pretty strange hobbies, and even harder than finding something fun to do is finding other people who enjoy the same things as you. With a good deal of influence, you can talk other people into trying those strange and interesting things you enjoy, where normally a person would have great difficulty getting someone else to try something strange or unique.

That explains why having more influence is good. But how do you actually go about increasing your influence? There are a number of ways to enhance the way you affect people, and to be seen in a more (or less) positive way. Pay special attention to the way you dress and present yourself, as well as the way you talk and interact with the people around you. These factors can have a powerful effect on the way people perceive you, and perception is reality. What people see, hear, taste, smell and feel is what’s real to them, and that’s an important lesson to learn if you want to influence them in any way.

Since hobbies were mentioned, there are actually some hobbies which can also increase your influence. Speaking in public and caring for the elderly or inform might not sound like a lot of fun, but they are still hobbies for some people, especially those who are civil-minded or want to help people in general. Some hobbies bring us into contact with other influential people, and through those connections we ourselves gain a bit of their influence. That brings me to my next tip, which is finding other influential people to associate with.

Some people will call this sucking up I’m sure, but it’s no secret that successful people have always networked with other successful people. This is why social media like Facebook and LinkedIn is so powerful these days. It’s all about networking! I used several techniques for improving and increasing my influence with my latest work and while they weren’t super successful, I did manage to get the ears of a couple of the people I’ve been working with. They could be leads to more video production work in the near future, and I’m always looking for more work, so I count that as a success.

Ways to stream videos live

stream-videosHi folks! Recently I had been invited out on a hunting trip by some close friends. Given my background in video production, my friends who know all about hunting, animals and hunting tools, asked me to set up a live camera stream out in the woods.

As I went about setting up the live broadcast for them, it occurred to me that live broadcasting of videos can have a large number of applications and many users would like to stream their own videos live.

As such, I decided to compile a quick guide which will allow any user to stream and broadcast their videos live.

3 ways to easily stream live videos

Here, I will talk about 3 of the simplest ways for you to stream your videos live. While most of these methods make use of hosting services or websites, you do not require much additional hardware f software, other than a PC, a webcam and an active internet connection.

Here are the top 3 methods that can allow you to stream your videos with ease:

  • Making use of a webcam

If you have a webcam and an active internet connection, you can very easily stream live videos and share them with others. In order to do so, you will need to sign up with a host which offers the bandwidth to stream your videos.

Most of the streaming host services allow users to stream videos without having to bother about installing encoders. These services have a built-in program for broadcasting on the web, which allow users to easily stream their videos without making use of any additional software.

Some of the popular streaming host services include:

  • YouNow
  • Livestream
  • Ustream
  • Bambuser
  • Using Google+

Google+, along with YouTube can be used to stream live videos as well. After logging into your Google account, you can visit YouTube and create a live event. You can enter all the details and the schedule of the event and adjust advanced settings for streaming.

Once the details have been created, you need to launch Google Hangouts and you can broadcast your video to friends. You can also choose to manage the viewers of your broadcast and also share and embed it on the web.

  • Streaming video games

It is also possible to offer a live stream of video games, something which is widely used these days. In order to stream video games, you will need to sign up for a streaming service, which will host your video and provide you with the bandwidth to share it live with others.

You will need to download software to capture and stream the display of your computer before you seek out a streaming host service. FFSplit and Open Broadcaster are two excellent software packages which allow you to capture your screen.

Some popular streaming host services for video games include:

There are also many advanced methods that can be used to stream videos such as making use of an encoder or using high quality software. However, these processes are slightly cumbersome when compared to the methods mentioned in the article. The mentioned methods are definitely the simplest ways to stream videos live.

Well, to go back to my hunting trip – I’m still alive! Haha! Everything went great, we got some good footage and I got a reward for my work – I got to keep the boots my friend loaned me for the trip – Absolutely amazing!

I discovered a new passion – hiking!

dhikingHi everyone! I’m back and this time I will share with you one of my recent experiences. Many of you may be aware that I am a young professional living in New York, but a very few know that I take the time to try out new and exciting things once every often.

Last weekend, I had gone out on a hiking trip to the Anthony’s Nose, a famous hiking trail along the Hudson in Westchester. My friend told me it was all the rage, so I got my gear, looked at some great boots at HikingAddicts, and decided to go! An excellent trail for people who are just beginning hiking, Anthony’s Nose is the highest pear around the area, which overlooks the Bear Mountain Bridge as well as the Bear Mountain State Park.

About an hour’s drive away from Manhattan, any season is perfect to go hiking and trekking around Anthony’s Nose, except for the winters.

This hiking trip is approximately over 3.5 km and the peak stands at an elevation of about 900 feet. A couple of friends and I drove to Manhattan early in the day and we started off the hike at about 9 in the morning.

As we made our way across the trail, I was genuinely mesmerized by the vast sights and sounds that the area had to offer. Starting off close to the Hudson River, the trail quickly ascends, offering an ethereal view of the river and the parks below. As we reached the vantage point, I could do nothing but click photographs of the wonderful view that was offered to us.

The trail that we followed is a famous one and s known as the Appalachian Trail. There were many other adventure enthusiasts who were on the same trail as us. While our group covered the entire hike in just less than 3 hours, it is possible to cover the distance in about 2 hours. The peak, along with the mountains, forms an excellent ridge and is comprised of calcite and granite crystals, offering a rugged experience to hikers.

The hiking trip to Anthony’s Nose is one that I will definitely recommend to all people living around New York. It proves to be an excellent hike for people of all ages and for hikers of any level of experience. It is not too far away from the city and the entire hiking trip can easily be completed in a day’s time. Make sure to carry your camera, some snacks, some music and have some good company around when going for this hike. It will definitely be an experience worth remembering.

I have been on a couple of hiking trips earlier, but they were all when I was only a kid and was accompanied by adults. This time around though, my experience was much different, (probably because I am an adult and have more freedom) and I can definitely say that hiking is quickly growing on me.

I am already eagerly planning out more hiking trips for later. New York City has a number of hiking and trekking trails to offer around it and I will surely take advantage of this.

Virtual Pets

Virtual-PetsHello everyone! I have recently been bitten by a new bug – adopting a virtual pet. Over the past few days, I have been actively involved with my virtual pet dog, Cho. Cho is a software based dog, which follows my commands and behaves just as a real pet would.

Having been fascinated by what virtual pets can offer, I decided to dig a little deeper into the subject. Soon, I discovered that adopting virtual pets can be a lot of fun and they present much fewer hassles than having to deal with an actual live pet.

Why own a virtual pet?

Virtual pets can offer the same advantages offered by a real pet, minus the troubles of having to cleaning up or having to provide them with actual food. Furthermore, there is no tension of having to deal with pet poop around the house.

While many people debate about the actual benefits of a virtual pet, research has shown that they can foster positive emotions in an adopter, just the same way as a conventional pet does.

Types of virtual pets

Here, I will talk about 3 of the simplest ways for you to stream your videos live. While most of these methods make use of hosting services or websites, you do not require much additional hardware f software, other than a PC, a webcam and an active internet connection.

Here are the top 3 methods that can allow you to stream your videos with ease:

Web based pets

Today, there are a large number of digital pet websites, which enable users to sign up and own virtual pets. These sites can be accessed through web browsers and often include fun game and tasks for users to enjoy.

These websites also offer a very active user community, where pet owners can meet each other and many also offer chat rooms.

Popularly also referred to as simulation sites, these web based virtual pets have gained massive popularity all over the word. While some of these websites feature pets based on real animals, some others contain mythical creatures that can be adopted as pets.

Some of the top web based virtual pets include:

Software based pets

Virtual Pets Other than website based virtual pets, users can also choose to adopt software based pets. Today, there are a large number of virtual pet games which can be played both on PCs and on mobile devices.

Described to be a part of life simulation games, such software based pet games are usually much better than their web counterparts, given the availability of larger computing power.

Artificial pets as featured in such software based games are capable of learning new tasks and are classified as software toys.

The Pokemon and Digimon are examples of some virtual software pets, which have seen a huge share of popularity over the past few years.

After having so much fun with Cho, I am considering of taking up a virtual aquarium as well. I’m still not sure which aquarium to pick though, since I want it to be really lifelike, with decorations and fish, but also things like some of those canister filters I saw on CanisterFilterGuide, and maybe a crab or two. While there are a number of online websites that allow me to have an aquarium, I’m still looking for the perfect fit for me, and  I would prefer software based aquarium on my smartphone rather than a web based one.

Keeping the Hands Busy

Keeping the Hands Busy-Hey everyone, time for another little post. I don’t make it any secret that I’m good with a yoyo. I’ve been playing with them and doing tricks with the things since I was a kid and while I’m not old just yet, I’m not really a young man anymore either. We’re talking nearly 20 years here, during which I learned a few other, more important things thanks to my simple hobby. Keeping your hands busy is important to good physical and mental health. This isn’t exactly breaking news or anything; it’s something people have known for a long time now. But is there a single best type of activity for this purpose?

Well in my case, I found the perfect way to keep busy, keep my mind and body working, while I maintain an income and live a lifestyle I enjoy. I’m talking about creating and editing videos, either for my own purposes or, more usually, for someone else who’s looking to advertise, or inform, or sell something. I understand not everyone is going to find this a viable option, too. It’s fortunate there are other ways to keep the hands busy. I’m just saying, this is how I do it. But lots of people use musical instruments.

Making music gets many different parts of the brain going – parts which are normally doing very little during your day to day life. It also gets your fingers moving, gets your muscle memory learning which holes on the flute to pin down when you blow, or which tabs on your favorite trumpet can be pushes together to make the sounds you’re looking to make. This is not something people can just pick up overnight; there’s a lot of time and work which goes into learning a musical instrument. However, learning how to play well and playing just to keep busy are two very different things.

What I mean is, there’s no need to be at the kind of level where you might get an invitation to play at Carnegie Hall, or anything like that. You could be a total amateur, with literally no past experience playing trumpet, and playing trumpet would still be very good for your body and mind. I keep mentioning horns because I’ve played trumpet a few times myself. If it sounds like a good time to you, then I recommend checking out to see all kinds of different trumpets.

However, do keep in mind that on top of the fact you don’t need to be good to get benefits from playing an instrument, your instrument also doesn’t need to be some top of the line, multi-thousand dollar piece of equipment. You could just as well pick up something from some secondhand or thrift shop, as long as all the parts were in working order, and start playing all the same. Perhaps some of my readers who currently play instruments can comment on this for the rest of us? If you’ve got something to share, please do, by all means.

Combat Dummy Promotion

Combat Dummy Promotion-I never really know what kind of order I’m going to get when it comes to video creation and editing. Usually it’s someone who wants to sell something though, so I’ve gotten pretty good at painting people, places and things in a positive light. Sometimes it’s not really necessary to stress how nice or useful or good something is – the benefits are immediately apparent, or the item in question is one a lot of people already have experience with, so they know how useful it can be. For instance, grappling dummies aren’t hard to sell. They have one real use and for that purpose, they’re most excellent.

Recently I had a client ask me to make a video about such dummies, something that would help them to sell said dummies through an online website. So I started with the basics – that’s getting a good view on the subject, from many different angles, so people know exactly what it is they’re dealing with. This is easy enough to accomplish too, since all I really need to do is walk around the subject, a grappling dummy in this case, and take several different pictures while doing so. When I’m done with that, I’m ready to move onto more active shots.

Well, not shots exactly. Next I need to record people interacting with the grappling dummies in question. Unpacking them, setting them up, punching and kicking them are all good things to record like this. The process gives me materials to use for the video later, but more than that, it also gives me a degree of familiarity with the subject. I don’t know about other people who make and edit videos, but having a better understanding of just what it is I’m working with has always made it easier for me to produce higher quality work. Therefore, it’s something I’ve been doing regularly for a long time now.

Basically, what I’m doing is creating a kind of commercial for the product so people will know what it is they’re buying and want to buy it on top of that. Now, for other products, there’s a lot of glamour involved, so selling them is easier. Grappling dummies are big, ugly lumps of resilient material that are literally meant to be beaten upon, so there’s nothing too pretty or handsome about them. I figure I’m going to struggle with this aspect of the video, but there are usually small challenges and obstacles which come up with the jobs I take.

Thankfully, these dummies came in different colors and, on some, with special areas highlighted and colored differently than the rest of the body. They aren’t just those simple, orange torsos that look strangely like circus peanuts (and have a similar texture as well, you know the ones if you work with these dummies). I’ll be sure to let you all know how this project works out in the end, but until then, stay strong and keep busy; idle hands and all of that jazz.

My New Kayak

My New KayakI spent some time talking about what happened during my Christmas back in 2014, but I didn’t really get into the gifts I got as much as I covered the gifts I got for everyone else. If you can’t tell from the title here, one of the presents I received (and definitely the largest one for this Christmas holiday) was a brand-spanking new kayak. There’s a lot of water and water access here in New York City, so it was actually a bit more practical than I thought at the time. You can get a look here at the PERCEPTION kayak I got.

Honestly, I was surprised. This was an expensive piece of equipment, or so I think, at least from what I’ve seen after searching for the kayak online. I’m sure my folks got it on the cheap, but still – I think I spent something like $600 total to get gifts for my parents, siblings and a couple other people, and this little boat alone probably cost that much all by itself. I’m not really much for boating or kayaking, but after they spent so much on this tidy little vessel, I think it’s a sport I’m going to pick up.

I really don’t get out enough as it is. Maybe that’s what they’re really trying to tell me, huh? I don’t know about any of you, but my parents have been giving me gifts that have these little, silent notes that go along with them; like they’ll give me socks and it’ll be nice but what they’re really saying is the socks I have now are so full of holes they’re a little embarrassed I still wear them. I think lots of parents are like this when they give presents to their children, or at least I hope they are. Mine sure are.

Thankfully, New York has plenty of water running through it, even if it’s cold and full of snow this time of year. There are plenty of parks, streams, rivers and even some ocean access, if I feel like paddling out to the middle of nowhere. But I think I’ll save that last bit until I’ve got more experience kayaking. I’d sure hate for one of my first few trips to be my last one, you know? Plus, after looking around, I’ve noticed that my kayak doesn’t have a dry storage compartment, or a number of other things the high-end boats do. So I kind of want to stay away from potentially rough waters.

Well I’m awfully happy about my new kayak, even if I’ve never gone before and I have no experience doing such stuff. It’s small and light enough that I can lift it and maneuver it without any help, which is good, since it only has enough room for me to sit in it. With this new tool, I’ll be sure to get out and exercise more regularly, especially since it will be so much more exciting than just lifting weights, climbing stairs or running around the block endlessly.

Latest Video Production Work

Latest Video Production WorkWell hello again, faithful readers. Regardless of whether you’re here as a repeat visitor or you’re stopping in for the first time, thanks for showing up. With the holidays over, it’s back to work as usual, and I’m feeling it all right. I just made a video for some sort of pool company that specializes in heating pools – really interesting stuff. Anyhow, they needed something that showed the process of installing a heater and I needed the job, so we were just right for each other. If you don’t mind, I’d like to go on about this for a bit; not too long, I promise.

It’s actually a complicated process – even more complicated if the pool has already been installed and more still if it’s an in-ground pool, compared to above-ground pools. See, if a pool is in the ground and it’s already been built with no heating system, things have to get dug up, even destroyed, which then leads to higher costs because the pool needs to be repaired after getting smashed up to install the heater. There are many different price points and other differences to consider too and this is why I said it was interesting; it really is.

I never thought about it before, since I don’t own a pool and if I ever do want to go swimming, there are plenty of places to do it around here. I couldn’t very well kayak in a pool and I just got one of those for Christmas at the end of 2014, so I don’t see myself becoming more interested in pools anytime soon. At least the job paid well. I didn’t really have to use any complicated techniques or other tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years, either. The video required practically no editing, too.

As a side effect of filming that, I suddenly started wanting to go visit one of the many beaches here in New York; I swear there’s water in every direction except southwest and plenty of places where I could go and get my swimming fix. The only problem with that is it’s so cold right now I’d freeze right up if I took a dip. That said, I can kind of understand why some pool owners would want to heat their pools now. If they can’t use them just because it’s cold outside, that could get pretty frustrating pretty quickly I imagine.

So what’s next? Well, I’m not exactly sure. Maybe some more streaming, or maybe another business contacts me, looking for a promotional video to be made. There’s not a day that goes by I’m not thankful for the work I get, even if it can be somewhat irregular at times. I mean, I honestly never thought I’d make a video to help promote a pool heater business, but I did. Do any of you have strange jobs you never thought you’d find yourself doing, until you did? I’d sure like to hear about them – the stranger the better.

Christmas: One Month Later

Christmas One Month LaterIt seems a bit odd to be writing about it now, literally a month later, but I didn’t really have a lot of free time to cover Christmas back when the holiday was happening, you know? There were all the phone calls, the visits with friends and family, shopping for gifts, showing up to dinners; it’s one of the busiest times of the year if you ask me. I got a few nice things from my folks, but as the old adage goes, it’s better to give than to receive. I did a lot of giving, too. I don’t think I can remember it all now and it was just barely 30 days ago.

Well my mom, I’m always keeping her in mind. I guess you could call me a sort of mama’s boy, but I’d probably take offense if you actually did call me that to my face; I think some of the guys out there understand what I mean here. Anyhow, she’s always on my mind, so I got her a bunch of good stuff. Some fine Chanel perfume for one, because I know she’s a big fan of that. Even though she’s getting older, she likes to dance – clog dancing of all things. I actually picked up some clogs like these DANSKO ones I found, but I think she knew they were coming when she spied me checking her shoe size.

I can’t forget my old man, either. I can’t explain it but I do love to gift scents, so I got him some cologne too. His usual brand, stuff he’s been using for years and likes a lot; that made that gift pretty easy. Lately he’s been complaining about his feet too, so I looked hard for some orthopedic shoes in the same place where I found those clogs for my mom. I found a number of different pairs of shoes, along with reviews, and went shopping on the Internet once I had a better idea what it was I wanted, specifically. They were both happy with their gifts.

I’ve got a number of siblings, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces and other relatives too. While I didn’t pick up presents for literally every person in my family, I did get a few things for the closer ones. My older brother got a new wallet because he’s always wrecking his wallets somehow; I swear he’s a brute even if he doesn’t realize it. My little brother got some clothes, nothing special. He’s still in school and strapped for cash like practically every other college student in the USA, so it was an appropriate gift, I think.

That’s as far as I’ll go with this. Did any of you get something special this Christmas for the people in your family, or maybe your friends? I’d kind of like to hear about it. It’s always interesting to me what people gift to each other, especially in those cases where the gift was really poorly received. I don’t mean to make fun or anything, but I’m sure we’ve all gotten a gift and wondered just why the heck someone would buy it for us, am I right?

Sergers and Good Gifts

Sergers and Good GiftsSo, I like some strange things, yoyos and Swedish fish are not the least among them, but I do have to say that I am not the craftiest person on the face of the planet. Well, I do know some origami, but you know what I mean. The thing is that sometimes craft skills really do come in handy. This is something that both my mother and aunt impressed on me when I was young. They were amazing at everything from baking cakes to patching the holes in my socks to hemming my jeans. Of the two, my mom was always the one who loved sewing the most.

I mention this because Christmas is coming up. Well it’s actually not for a while, but it seems like the holiday shopping season starts very soon now. Maybe because the stores are already starting to put out holiday decoration, I have been thinking about what to buy mom for her present. To be honest, I am not that good at buying gifts for people. To be perfectly honest, most of the presents I give to people are met with an “Oh.” Instead of an “Oh!” For some reason, however, this year it seems like I should put in some extra effort in the gift-buying department when it comes to my relatives and the people in my life that I love dearly.

Since my mom is such a good sewer and she loves it so much, I wanted to get her something to help her with it. Since I am a bit of a techie, I wanted it to be something mechanical. Obviously, she already has a really nice sewing machine, but this meant that I didn’t know what to get her.  So, it took me a while to come up with what I wanted to buy since I don’t know really anything about sewing. After quite a bit of research, and learning a lot about sewing that I didn’t know, I settled on a really good serger.

Apparently sergers are kind of like sewing machines on steroids. Okay, I don’t really know anything about sergers, so they probably aren’t like that at all.  But, I did research the best ones really well, and one model claims to make 1500 stiches in a minute! I’m not crafty, but speed is right up my alley, so this seems as good as anything as far as I’m concerned. I’ve already bought it and it is sitting in my closet waiting for its giftwrap job in the sparkly Santa Claus and reindeer wrapping paper that I have left over from last year.  It’s pretty big, so I hope I have enough paper. I mean, I suppose I could fork out the $3 dollars for more, but I kind of like the sparkly Santas. I hope that she likes it. And, I also hope she doesn’t come over and end up getting into my closed before December 25th. Here’s hoping she likes it.

Boxing with a Buddy

Boxing with a BuddyHi all! I have been posting a bit about the things that I am interested in recently, and one of those things is keeping fit. Now, I fully admit that I am not the mos obvious choice as a buff fitness guy, but I am actually hoping to change that.

That’s why I have decided to take up the quintessential tough guy sport—boxing. The whole reason that this came about is that my friend, Louis, wants to start learning, and he invited me to join him.

I really wasn’t expecting take this up before Louis mentioned it, but I actually think that learning to box will be the perfect complement to the things that I am already doing, which mostly consists of weight I lifting right now though I have also tried a couple of other things lately. I’ve read up on it a bit and really think that  is the perfect sport for not only gaining muscle and learning how to defend yourself, but also for increasing speed and agility. And, I think that it will be a ton of fun to at least try out.

I am starting to do everything that I need to in order to get started learning how to box. My friend already found a good club to join, so this really means tracking down the proper equipment, this includes everything from gloves to tape to mouth guards. One of the best resources I have found regarding the things I need has been in the form of this website. There are a lot of great, and very detailed,  product reviews as well as some other tips and insights that have been really useful to a newbie like me. I’ve already sent the link to Louis to look over.

I am actually pretty amazed a how quickly everything is coming together. I have even managed to whittle down my choices regarding the perfect boxing gloves to buy. I haven’t 100% decided yet, but I am pretty close. I know that I could probably rent or borrow a pair to begin with,but they are just so cool. I am even thinking about hanging them on my wall for decoration (though ‘m sure that my girlfriend would hate it). Even past the coolness factor, I think that buying a pair of gloves will help me mentally commit to boxing.

They area major purchase, even though they are far less expensive than I expected them to be. I hope that what this will mean is that I will value the experience of boxing more by buying the gloves, and  I will practice it more regularly than I do most other things. Anything to keep me motivated to keep practicing!

It turns out that I’m pretty fired up about this new idea, and I hope that it helps me to become stronger, healthier and more quick witted and alert. It is such a strange thing to think about potentially stepping into the ring, even just for practice, but I think it will be exciting and a lot of fun try with Louis too.

My Recent Small Game Hunting Trip Experience

My Recent Small Game Hunting Trip ExperienceThe best place for game hunting is undoubtedly North America, so I thought. You can find quite a big variety of animals including elk, deer, mule deer and other hunting game in a quite picturesque background and stunning regions. Having said this, I think that it goes without saying that small game hunting is even easier here. I had gone on a hunting trip recently with my friend who’s a Finnish native. He’d invited me over to Finland for the hunting trip. Since I’d some time off and would have made the time anyway as I love hunting, I immediately accepted his offer.

In Finland the most commonly used hunting breed is the Finnish Spitz. It is the national breed in Finland and has been used to hunt game like Grouse and Capercaillie. The hunted game is usually used for feeding the family. But there are strict rules regarding the hunt here. You are allowed to hunt only a particular number of birds.

We were to hunt in the wilderness around Lapland. We had driven down to Lapland where we stayed for three whole days in a hunting lodge built on a lake’s edge.  My friend is a very good hunter as his father and grandfather had excelled at the sport and had taught him all they knew. The terrain had startling variations from moss enveloped boulders to plain raw marshland. Without hunting dogs for company, you can easily get lost here.

The dog scents the prey and gives a signal – a unique kind of bark- and at the same time keeps the bird under it spell by waving its tail. On the cue from the dog we approached the area without disturbing the bird. The hunter needs to be quite agile, sure footed and strong to accomplish this. We managed to have a good hunting. Though my friend used gunpowder I prefer using air rifles over gunpowder, as it offers better power, range and good shot placement.

My Recent Small Game Hunting Trip ExperienceEspecially for hunting small game and some pests an air rifle is of great help. These rifles have evolved into serious and effective hunting tools today. While bow hunting is a more traditional form that can be used in areas where the firearms are banned, an air rifle too can be used in such situations. This has made the air rifles quite popular. There are several models available now and you can choose according to the power or accuracy you need for your hunting.

With air rifles you can hunt with precision and accuracy that was not possible in the past. Air rifle hunting is all about precision. Since the rifle has power restrictions, you need to check on the accuracy by testing the pellets before you use them and also how well you handle the air rifle. Doing a good amount of practice shooting at different ranges will help you to hunt game easily. I tried targets that resemble the actual size of small game that I want to hunt. When you shoot such target in field conditions, you can easily get the required practice.

Guide on How to Win Arguments

Guide on How to Win ArgumentsHey everyone! I’m back. Life’s good and bright as always. I had a big argument with my friend which is what egged me on to write this post. Being struck with a smart idea and not being able to make people accept it can be quite frustrating. The art of persuasion is definitely a skill you should master, as I found out to my chagrin! While I did not have geek freaks like me giving expert advice, as I did not know about it then, here I’m to enlighten you people on how to win an argument. I’m certain to use these tactics now, which comes a bit late as it is as I lost the argument to my friend.

What you should do?

  • Be unfazed even if you’re passionate about what you’re talking. Staying cool can win an argument easily. Why? Because you can control your emotions and not let them rule you.
  • Facts should be used to strengthen your position. No matter how solid the other party is hard facts cannot be refuted. So the best way is to use statistics, quotes, surveys etc. to support your argument. Trust me! This works like magic.
  • Logic is the next best tool you can use to oust your opponent
  • Ask pertinent questions. The right questions will give you an upper hand in the argument and leave the answering part, which is the most difficult one to your opponent.
  • Appealing to worthy motives and higher values always works effectively. Queries like ‘isn’t this what we would like for our children to have in future?’ will hit head on.
  • Listening is very important as this is when you can know about the weakness and faults in your opponent. And better still you can latch on to something useful and informative.
  • When you hear a good argument, you should concede to it, but not leave it as such. You need to use a stronger point that tips the scales in your favor.
  • Analyze your opponent and know what his values, beliefs, weaknesses and strengths are. This can help you build your argument in your favor.
  • You should be prepared for a neutral ending of the argument where both your views are accepted.

Things you should avoid

Direct attacks on your opponent personally like challenging his honesty, integrity or lifestyle should be avoided. The issue here is not your opponent, but the views he has. Stop maligning each other, so you can get to the root of the matter and solve it.

Sometimes a skilled opponent can distract you by some extraneous matters. But keep your mind focused on the task at hand. Be firm and refuse to be sidetracked.

Sneaky ways can also be used to win arguments like using punchy one liner, which can stagger your opponent and stop him in his tracks. Humiliating and ridiculing is also a good sneaky tactic. Provoking him is also a way to distract him and win the argument. Exaggerating the position taken by the opponent also helps to give you an upper hand.

Though these are better avoided, you can try them out when the other tips do not give you the result. I had to use services of mobile nail technician to paint my nails with flowers as a penalty for losing the argument. Now guys do you want to be in such a state. Take my advice to heart and win your argument. Best of luck!

Tips for Mountain Photography

Tips for Mountain PhotographyHiking is one of my favorite things to do. It’s good exercise, gets me out of the house and away from my computer; it gets me plenty of fresh air too, and that’s always nice. I went on a long trek recently and took many photos while I was out and about. That’s another major passion of mine – taking pictures of pretty much every interesting place I go. I wouldn’t say I’m really a professional photographer, but I’ve been doing it for so long that I’m more than confident in claiming I could pass on some good advice to others who wish to get the most out of their cameras.

In fact, I have a few solid tips for mountain photography, specifically. Not every mountain is the same, mind, but many of them are similar. Due to this what works well on one mountain will more than likely work just as well on another mountain. My biggest tip for amateurs and professionals alike is not to wait for that “golden hour” approaching sunset and following the sunrise. There are many opportunities to take extravagant pictures outside of these two hours or so in the other 22 hours of the day. Also, if contrast is causing you to take bad pictures, consider getting a graduated neutral density filter.

Besides beefing up your camera, you might also consider investing in other aspects which could play a part in determining the quality of your mountain photography. I don’t know about you, but I tend to take better pictures when I’m wearing comfortable clothes that don’t restrict my movement. I don’t mean baggy shirts and pants, because those can get caught on natural fixtures and cause you to trip or take a tumble. But I do wear the best foot protection boots to have a comfortable walk. I choose combat boots for men. They’re tough, durable, and they give me better support than many hiking boots I’ve owned. The best example of these would be a nice pair of tactical boots by Rocky, which I acquired recently.

If you can manage it, don’t go hiking with your digital gear. The added weight of a camera, tripod, screens and other equipment can turn a relatively pleasant uphill trek into something much more strenuous. Consider bringing along a wheeled cart and pulling it behind yourself, if the gradient of the hill you are climbing isn’t too steep for it. Remember, an expansive vista doesn’t always make a great picture; you could put a lot of effort into climbing up high, only to be faced with poor picture opportunities anyhow. I suggest a cursory hike first, without any gear, to see if it would be worthwhile to haul your equipment up too.

Last but certainly not least, when you are looking to take the perfect mountaintop photograph, remember that you must go very wide to get all the elements of the scene you see within the picture you are taking. The best landscape shots make the viewer feel as if they are standing there, where you were when you snapped the shot. If elements like the tops of trees or the sides of surrounding hills are cut off, then you’ve got a picture that isn’t as good as it could be.

The Joy of Motorcycle Riding

The Joy of Motorcycle RidingOne of the greatest joys of motorcycle riding should be immediately apparent to anyone who has been stuck in traffic in their bigger, bulkier cars, trucks or vans; motorcycles are just so amazingly mobile. They can squeeze into, through and out of spaces which those larger vehicles could never hope to pass. They represent the perfect ride for people who want to go fast, and that’s why I recently bought myself a new bike. Again, since my last new bike didn’t really last as long as I’d hoped it would. No, I didn’t get into any nasty accident or anything, but I fear I pushed it too hard.

This time, I’ll be sure to treat my ride a bit more respectfully. I’ll be sure to keep up fluids and ride the thing safely, wearing my newly acquired Fox Racing Boots when I do. I don’t know about you, but I think at least some motorcycle accidents could be prevented by wearing boots with a proper amount of traction. It’s a lot easier to stay upright and on your bike if your feet aren’t slipping off the pedals, right? It’s not that I wasn’t wearing protective gear before, but I think I could have been better equipped than I was when I trashed my last new bike.

I love going fast. I know that’s not for everyone, and I know it can be pretty dangerous to move quickly, especially when riding a motorcycle and being surrounded by much bigger vehicles in traffic. If you’re a kind of speed freak like me, then I can’t recommend enough some proper protective gear, like boots. More information regarding good protective gear can be found right here. I’m certainly no expert on the stuff, so I recommend you take a look at that link if you’re looking to steel yourself against potential accidents, road rash or much worse.

I’ve been through a couple little accidents myself. I only call them little though, because I was never seriously injured. My rides, I’m afraid, were not as lucky as I. One time I had to fall onto a side and start sliding, so I wouldn’t ram into this massive truck that stopped all of a sudden up in front of me. My bike got out of my hands and kept flying, but I ended up stopping, so I avoided the worst of the accident. My bike though, it ended up bent in half on itself, like it was just some toy a little kid might break while they were playing with.

Living through something like that would make most people rethink their stance on motorcycles, I know. But I just love going so fast! While you’re out riding your own motorcycle, I recommend that you observe all the normal safety rules you’d follow while driving in a car. That will help you to avoid accidents, like I have. Always leave enough room between yourself and the vehicle in front of you so you can stop in time to avoid a collision, even if they go jamming on the brakes like that trucker did to me.

7 Pool Party Awesome Ideas

7 Pool Party Awesome IdeasHey everyone, I’m back again, with another new post. It’s about a pool party, of all things. The other day, I was given the task of coming up with a very cool pool party, something that would be both entertaining and memorable for all the guests being invited.

It wasn’t the first party I’ve had to plan and with how well it went, I doubt it will be my last, either. For completing the task with great success, I’ve checked out some awesome above ground pool, click here for more information!

I came up with 7 great ideas to make the event one that would stick in the minds of our visitors. Fortunately for anyone else out there planning a pool party, I’ve decided to share those ideas here:

Fairy Jars

I’m not going to tell you go track down some fairies and stuff them into jars. But I read about something with this name before and it’s pretty cool. All you have to do is find some jars, or any solid, clear containers with lids, then fill them with a mixture of glitter and the stuff from inside glow sticks. Shake it up and you’ve got an amazing light source.

Swimming and a Show

Depending on the crowd you’re looking to entertain, your party might go over much better if you add a movie to the mix. Lots of things are better with a movie added – like dinner, a date, and even swimming. Just don’t play anything like Jaws or Sharknado and you’ll probably be fine.

Specialty Ice Cubes

While alcohol and swimming don’t mix, there are all kinds of safe drinks you could dress up by encasing various herbs, spices and edible flowers in your ice cubes. Not only will these add a unique look to everyone’s drink, but some of them can actually be quite flavorful.

Floating Candles

Getting back to lighting for a moment, there are other alternative sources of light which can really make your pool party look like something out of a favorite fictional story. Did you know there are candles designed to float on the water’s surface? You’ll never have to worry about starting a fire with these candles, that’s for sure.


Most traditional makes of s’mores use a big, bright campfire to make the sweet confections. You can also make them with coal, utilizing small terracotta pots or other containers, just as well. For your next pool party, you may be able to thrill your guests with tasty food if nothing else.

Glow in the Dark Fixtures

Along with the other special lighting effects, you could even go as far as to make your plates, forks, spoons, knives and other fixtures glow in the dark. Combining these with the aforementioned fairy jars and floating candles will make your pool party a sight to behold.

Pool Games

Besides swimming, some of your guests might really enjoy some fun games in the pool. That depends on the type of guests you are serving, though. If you are hosting a children’s party, be sure to find an ideal pool for the family games, that everyone can enjoy! I’m not talking about anything as simple as Marco Polo either – look into pool darts, water polo, basketball and other games which translate well from solid ground into the water.

Manliest Hobbies that Exist

Manliest Hobbies that ExistIf you’re a guy and you have an Internet connection, then you’ve probably heard about manly men doing manly things. Hell, even without modern contrivances, history is so packed with examples of truly manly men that you can see what it really means to be a man just by opening a book, magazine, newspaper or other bit of media. If you ask me, it’s hard to nail down any single action or activity as being a manly thing to do. However, there are hobbies a guy can take up to both feel and appear more masculine, or manlier. Here are 10 such hobbies, each guaranteed to make a guy radiate machismo.

10 Writing and Playing Music

You may not think of making music as a particularly manly activity, but the Nordic peoples of Finland, Denmark, Norway and the surrounding areas would disagree strongly with you on that. There was once a time, long before the written word, where stories were passed down in those communities by bards – men who played music and told tales to entertain others. Some of these bards, called Skalds, were actually quite combative men. They would relate their firsthand experiences in battle, making their stories that much more believable and intense. These days, playing digital piano will suffice.

9 Blacksmithing

There are few hobbies more satisfying to a guy than pounding a lump of steel into a killing edge (or something less lethal, like a bowl for holding food). Few of the other hobbies on this list are as physically demanding as this one, which makes blacksmithing as much a form of exercise as something to do in one’s spare time. If you don’t mind working in high temperatures with hot metals, then this might be the perfect, manly activity for achieving that sense of validation.

8 Gambling

I’d wager that men have been gambling since before recorded history. There’s something about the thrill of risk and the satisfaction that comes with rewards that makes gambling a highly entertaining proposition – so entertaining that men with weaker minds get hooked on the stuff pretty quickly. Poker, blackjack, pinochle and other card games aren’t for everyone, but if you’ve got the self-control and wherewithal to stop before getting fleeced, there are few hobbies which are inherently manlier than this.

7 Sampling Whiskeys

This is one of my personal favorite activities, so I might have a bit of bias here. However, history is loaded with examples of men judging the masculinity of themselves and the guys surrounding them based on who can hold their liquor the best. I’ll admit this one is fun, but I still prefer riding a longboard to drinking – one leaves me feeling like crap the next morning and the other manages to combine fun and fitness fairly well.

6 Martial Arts

Let’s face it: the manliest among us are often our greatest warriors. You don’t need to be a studied historian to see that war heroes and others who aren’t afraid to put their lives on the line often end up in positions of power in countries. Just look at the United States of America and all the great warriors who rose to become presidents of that country – Dwight Eisenhower, Theodore Roosevelt, Ulysses Grant and others. It’s no secret that women look for strength in their partners too, and there are few better ways to demonstrate manly power than being able to protect yourself and those you love.

5 Hunting

Real men provide for themselves and their families without complaining. These days, that means getting a decent job and making enough money to live relatively comfortably. In the past when we were all hunters and gatherers, it meant being able to bring home enough game that you and yours didn’t starve to death. Fishing lumps in with this nicely, and bow hunting is a way to hunt on land and in the water. Plus it isn’t cheating, like using firearms.

4 Brewing Beer

This micro-brew phenomenon which has thousands of small-scale breweries popping up all over the world is a really major event in the history of beer. You, too, can try your hand at coming up with a tasty brew. All you need are the right tools, a little research, and a whole lot of guts. Because it’s illegal to sell your concoction without all kinds of testing, permits and other costly procedures, you’ll have to taste test it yourself.

3 Photography

Sometimes, picking up a hobby as a man is more or less exclusively about impressing the ladies around you. I’m not ashamed to admit it, and other guys should take the same stance, I feel. Photography is a good way to show your artistic side to girls, and it’s a far cry from many of the more violent hobbies I’ve listed here. Typically, you’ll come up with stories to tell based on the pictures you take, and these anecdotes and other tales can be even more enthralling than the actual photos.

2 Mountaineering

It’s hard to think of many hobbies manlier than mountaineering. There’s an inherent struggle, the risk of personal injury, and the sense of accomplishment that comes with topping a monstrous mountain. Still, this one is an acquired taste; it’s certainly not for every guy out there. You may feel more at home playing golf or enjoying another sport that doesn’t take you hundreds or thousands of feet into the air. There’s nothing wrong with that.

1 Lifting Weights

I’ve put this one at the top of this particular list because being big and strong is an inherently manly thing. Lifting weights and exercising are two of the most masculine things a guy can do, and building mass through toning muscles gives men an unmistakable appearance – a body that tells people, “I’m strong and I know it.” Thankfully, lifting weights is also easy enough for any guy to start doing it. Just don’t push yourself too hard when you’re first beginning, and things should fall into place for you if you keep up the work and maintain a regular workout routine.

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