My Favorite New York Activities

My Favorite New York Activities

Hey guys, KnitWit here again. Sorry it’s been awhile since my last article… You know I’d much rather be writing for you guys, but sometimes work gets in there and messes that up! Today I want to talk about my favorite activities in NYC, my hometown! A lot of people think that New York is just a business town, but there is so much more there for people to do! There is all kinds of fun to be had in the city. Here are some of my faves to do on the weekends when I’m not bogged down with work. Here we go!


Oh man, how could you not add this one. Clubbing in NYC is DOPE. There are all kinds of girls there, the DJs are the best I’ve ever seen, and Manhattan cocktails are good any time of the year. What’s not to like? I don’t go clubbing every night, cause that would mess you up pretty bad. But I try to make it out with my friends at least once or twice a week. A little tip: be really nice to the doormen and bouncers, but don’t suck up. Try to hit a happy medium. Be friendly without being a suck-up, and they will usually make your night a whole lot easier.


New York has some pretty strict gun laws and it can be really hard to get a gun in the city, but that’s probably for the best. Paintball is so much better! Now, my favorite paintball course isn’t actually in the city, it’s across the river in Jersey City, New Jersey. It’s in the woods, there are places to hide, and all kinds of targets to shoot. I like to get all my gear from browsing the website, and it usually works a lot better than the stuff my friends use. I tend and love to win!

P.S. Make sure you get safety gear before you go to a paintball course. If you don’t have the proper gear like a paintball mask, they will kick you out because it isn’t safe. Just a word of advice!


We’ve already established the drinking is a lot of fun in New York because the clubbing scene is great, but the eating scene is just as good. New York pizza is world-renown for a reason… Because it tastes amazing. And since there is a large population of Italian immigrants in and around the NYC area, the Italian restaurants are top of the line. The Italian wines there are amazing, just as good (or better!) than a lot of the California wines that I like. And if you like Asian food, you need to take a trip to Chinatown. The Asian food there is the best I’ve ever had. And a lot of it is authentic, so if you don’t want the Americanized version you can give it a try there!

New York has something for everyone. If you guys have a favorite activity that I missed let me know!

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