My Experience With A Technology Exhibit in New York

My Experience With A Technology Exhibit in New YorkIt’s me Morgan, your geeky tech expert and as always I’ll discuss all things technology (which sometimes bores my girlfriend.) Anyway, I want to talk about a technology exhibit I attended in New York City called Gadgets For The Body And Mind. This exhibit lasted a good three weeks but I only attended the first two weeks since I had to return to my video production project that I’m working on for a new client for my freelance business. I saw a lot of geeks there but a few were actually posers because when I discussed technology topics with them, they looked clueless. Here are some highlights of that exhibit.

Someone’s Watching You With Gadgets

I embrace certain conspiracy theories and when I saw a line of popular spy gadgets that law enforcement officials and regular people use to spy on people, I was not too happy. For example, I heard about this super small surveillance camera that can be drilled inside any home appliance or even implanted in your purse or suitcase. In addition to this, an attendant showed me a few GPS systems that look like pocket calculators that can be installed in or underneath cars. I visited a seminar within the exhibit that showcased computer programs that allowed someone to monitor all computer activity and I was really upset when I learned about the latest gadgets in cell phone surveillance.

Gadgets Funded By Crowdfunding

While I was at the technology exhibit I found out that increasing number of gadgets are being created using money that was raised with a tool called crowdfunding. With crowdfunding you sign up with a website that specializes in this and you seek funds from the website’s visitors. You would discuss why your idea is relevant and you would discuss how much money you need to raise. As you receive the funds you can use them to fulfill your lifelong dreams. The Neptune Pine is a smartphone that is funded by crowdfunding and it looks like it will be popular in coming years. This smartphone  is actually a smartwatch since it fits on your wrist and you can operate it like a standard phone.  This gadget operates on an Android system, comes with a SIM card and has 32G of memory, which is good for downloading multiple apps. There is also a type of wearable technology called Ring, which follows your commands through hand gestures.


I had a great time at the technology exhibit and it is amazing how far we’ve come with technological advances. I now have a pair of Google Glasses that I bought at the exhibit, and these glasses let me answer messages, respond to digital reminders and I can set and use voice commands, which helps me multitask during the day. I also bought a few books that went into detail on the newest technology, and all of the seminars were helpful. I’m getting ready to add new songs to iTunes but I’ll write another post soon.

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