Knitwit’s Hunting Tips

Knitwits Hunting TipsAs a young computer and AV guy living in the middle of one of the most populous areas here in the United States, you might think I don’t know anything about roughing it from a glance. While it’s true that I’m no survivalist and I wouldn’t want to get caught in the middle of nowhere without tools and a phone, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the outdoors. I used to be an avid hunter and it’s still something I enjoy, though adulthood leaves me far fewer opportunities to just put everything down and disappear for a week. I’m not even that old yet and I already miss being a kid now and then, heh.

Like anything else, you can learn to be a better hunter by watching others who are good at it while they do their thing. Unfortunately, this is also a great way to end up buying all kinds of tools, accessories and other gear you don’t necessarily need to be a good hunter. There’s no substitute for experience, even if it comes with all kinds of features, bells and whistles and costs an arm and a leg on top of all that. I recommend checking with any hunting clubs, sporting goods stores or similar locations in your area to see if you can’t pick the mind of more experienced hunters before you get started.

See, if you don’t know what you’re doing, then it’s very hard to figure out where you’re going to go, or what you’re going to hunt, or how you’re going to hunt it. That’s why getting information from veterans is a must. That’s also why you’ll want to check other sources for knowledge. I think features a lot of information about techniques, tools and other aspects of hunting. By understanding these better, you can make yourself a better hunter. However, so far I’ve just been talking about gathering information. What about getting real-world experience?

Knitwit’s Hunting Tips

Well, there are ways to do that too. Paintball is a pretty popular sport. The thing about it is, if you’re good at sneaking up on people and catching them unawares with a “bullet”, you already have an edge when it comes to sneaking up on animals and doing the same thing. Paintball can teach you many useful skills for hunting, like moving quickly and quietly, breathing deeply and regularly to keep your breathing quiet, checking your flanks along with your rear to watch for hidden dangers or missed opportunities, and more. There are few safer ways to learn how to hunt than this.

By combining knowledge with experience, it’s possible to become good at anything, including hunting. But one thing you can do to improve your hunting skills which you can’t necessarily do with other sports is to gauge your prey. Read up about the habits of the animal, or animals, you are trying to hunt before you go hunting them. This will give you important information like where to find your prey, what times of day it is active, what it sounds like, what it smells like and so on.

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