How to Increase Your Influence

How to Increase Your InfluenceYou notice how most of the words in that title up there are capitalized? That’s actually a nice little way to get people’s attention, to increase your influence over those who are reading your work. Capital letters begin sentences and start paragraphs; they’re things that most people find worth their attention. There are actually many ways to increase your influence and have more of an effect on the people around you. This magnetism that some people call charisma is instrumental in life because if you can influence people, you are much more likely to win arguments with them.

Eliciting a positive reaction (or negative, if that’s what you want) from another person is a powerful skill in the right hands. But that’s not the only reason you’d want to boost your ability to influence others. People can have some pretty strange hobbies, and even harder than finding something fun to do is finding other people who enjoy the same things as you. With a good deal of influence, you can talk other people into trying those strange and interesting things you enjoy, where normally a person would have great difficulty getting someone else to try something strange or unique.

That explains why having more influence is good. But how do you actually go about increasing your influence? There are a number of ways to enhance the way you affect people, and to be seen in a more (or less) positive way. Pay special attention to the way you dress and present yourself, as well as the way you talk and interact with the people around you. These factors can have a powerful effect on the way people perceive you, and perception is reality. What people see, hear, taste, smell and feel is what’s real to them, and that’s an important lesson to learn if you want to influence them in any way.

Since hobbies were mentioned, there are actually some hobbies which can also increase your influence. Speaking in public and caring for the elderly or inform might not sound like a lot of fun, but they are still hobbies for some people, especially those who are civil-minded or want to help people in general. Some hobbies bring us into contact with other influential people, and through those connections we ourselves gain a bit of their influence. That brings me to my next tip, which is finding other influential people to associate with.

Some people will call this sucking up I’m sure, but it’s no secret that successful people have always networked with other successful people. This is why social media like Facebook and LinkedIn is so powerful these days. It’s all about networking! I used several techniques for improving and increasing my influence with my latest work and while they weren’t super successful, I did manage to get the ears of a couple of the people I’ve been working with. They could be leads to more video production work in the near future, and I’m always looking for more work, so I count that as a success.

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