Here are a few thoughts on improving your handicaps in life

Here are a few thoughts on improving your handicaps in lifeHello! It’s me again. Your favorite knit wit and computer and streaming geek who just happens to be quite good at what he does, in spite of perceived handicaps standing in his way. That’s what today’s post is going to be about then. I’d thought I’d help you guys off to a great start for the New Year by sharing some thoughts on improving our handicaps in life.

Perhaps you’ve noticed this already but being playful with words is another forte of mine. Well, it’s becoming something of a good habit anyhow because now I can communicate better all my other advice and tips and tricks on the stuff you’ll want to be reading about in the new year, things like new games and what to expect from new product developments from the world’s leading tech companies.

Optimize your apps for eating out

A good hand-held GPS unit will get you quite far in my town. It’s called the Big Apple but now it’s starting to test my hunger pangs and remind me of another big Apple on the other side of the country in a town called Silicone Valley. New York City is also known as the city that never sleeps and for good reason too. While I’m particularly proud of this attribute, New York has legendary status as a multi-cultural hub.

This presents me with another handicap of sorts because one of the world’s largest cities makes it quite difficult for this hungry lad to decide what to eat tonight, having to choose from literally thousands of restaurants and take-outs. Like most other New Yorkers and as you may have gathered, I’m a pretty busy guy, so don’t have time for cooking right now. Now, you might be thinking why I would want to improve my handicaps in life.

Use metaphors to motivate yourself

Why not just get rid of them altogether, for crying out loud. As I said earlier, I’m getting to enjoy my play with words, and chose the golfing metaphor to motivate what I’ll be closing this post with. Yes, it’s true that we should be trying to rid ourselves of handicaps, but let’s face it, particularly if you are physically disabled or mentally challenged, you’re stuck for life with whatever you are faced with. Like the game of golf, you simply have to drive a little harder at improving your handicap.

Now, there’s another peculiar thing about golf worth penning here. When we play our video games we are always challenging ourselves to go for a high or highest score, right? Not so with golf. Apparently, you’re a winner if your score is the lowest of the lot.

Start the New Year by keeping a scorecard

Talk about being below par. Well, that’s how I want to start the New Year. It’s no good making promises that you can’t keep. But what you can do is keep a score card, like they do in golf, and strategize new ways and means to improve your lot in life, no matter what your handicap.

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