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Could There Be A Day More Horrible Than This?

What’s up guys! I hope you had a great day! Well, mine wasn’t that great. It was terrible!

I had just spent one hell of a day with lots of bummers!

I woke up early to finish a video editing gig. While I was doing some final touches on the project, my computer suddenly crashed. And the worst thing is that I haven’t even clicked the save button. I had to re-work from where I started. Right now, I’m trying to beat a 12-hour deadline or else I’m dead. This project’s a pretty big one and I definitely got a lot to lose.

But that’s not all. My girlfriend was also going through a nasty period with all the horrible stuff and hormonal changes that goes with it. She was very, very irritable. I even had to buy her a menstrual tampon that I read about at Imagine a queue of ladies picking their menstrual supplies and with them was a geeky guy paying for several tampons. Isn’t it a once in a lifetime sight?

On my way home, my car stalled and I was clueless on what to do. I must have done all the DIY hacks for starting a car but all seemed useless. And my GF’s been cursing me on the phone for taking too long just to buy her tampons. I had no choice but to take a taxicab to get my ass back home ASAP. If only I could fly!

I thought all my misery is done but bad luck was trailing me. The cab driver that I hired got lost somewhere and had to do a U-turn. When he finally found the way back, we got stuck in the middle of a traffic jam. I was sitting inside this car, feeling very helpless with a pack of tampons and a nagging girlfriend on the phone. It was the longest hour I have ever lived in my whole life!

Finally, when I arrived at my girlfriend’s place, she was so angry at me for being too lazy and irresponsible. There’s no use explaining to a girl on her period, right? Probably, the icing on the cake is when she told me to go home because she wanted to be alone. Well, I really can’t do anything when she says that I leave, especially that she’s got a horrible monthly visitor.

Now I am left with just a few hours to complete the video project but here I am trying to compose an entry for Knitwitology! Who cares? I just have to let bad luck get past me.

I must’ve woken up at the wrong side of the bed today. I guess I deserve some quiet time after I finish the project.

Where would be a quiet place to find solace here in New York? The Ramble at Central Park, The Frick Collection at the Upper East Side or maybe the New York Botanical Garden. I’m just crossing my fingers that the angel of luck is already on my side.