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Electric Violins – an Amazing Technological Item

Electric Violins - an Amazing Technological ItemI met an old friend last week for coffee. I hadn’t seen him in a bit and I found out that he was in a band. I knew he played the violin, and I have a soft spot for them, so I said yes when he asked if I would like to come see them play at a gig in a club on the Upper East Side. So I went and saw them play, and they were amazing! But what I was most surprised at what that my friend used to play a beautiful classic violin, and now he had this black and red badass electric violin. I met him backstage later and asked to see it and was quite impressed. That’s where I got the inspiration to look into electric violins a bit and write a post about them. So here it is!

The main difference between an electric violin and a regular one is that electric violins have an electronic sound output. These are not to be confused with amplified violins which just have a pickup built into the body. Electric violins usually don’t have a solid body and that’s the main reason their design is sometimes so cool. Yes, beautifully carved wooden violins are amazing, but there is something so badass about these no-body violins!

I knew all of that before I started investigating them, but what I didn’t know s that they have been used since the 1920s! They were pretty rare than, and not many people used them. Well, times are a-changing and today really a lot of artists opt for electric violins rather than regular ones. And another thing worth mentioning about them is that a good electrical violin is not even that expensive to buy. From what I saw, a good classical violin is often more expensive!

From what I gathered from articles and forums, and from my friend, a lot of people prefer electric violins because they are amazingly versatile – you can excel by playing the national anthem, as well as at a wedding. They are also great for silent practicing, which you simply cannot do with a classical violin. A lot of people go electric because they live in apartment buildings and don’t have a place where they can practice because of the noise. This is not a problem with electric violins, as you can just put headphones on and practice without being heard.

Another amazing thing about electric violins is that you can actually plug an SD card in them and combine the sound you make with any recording you want! Amazing! It can also serve as a practice tool and a motivational incentive. Imagine rocking out to the sound of your favourite band!

Considering all I heard at the concert and all the videos and recordings of electric violinists I heard later, I am now determined to make a video which would feature an electric violin as a first instrument. With their amazing sharp sound and rawness, I think they would go great in a rock music video!

How to Keep Yourself Fit Using Latest Apps

How to Keep Yourself Fit Using Latest AppsHi guys! Today I’m going to write about how to keep fit with the help of different technological advancements and items. I’ve gained some weight recently, and I decided to get rid of it, and to bring myself in a bit better shape. Today’s society puts a lot of emphasis on keeping fit and having a good body. But for me, keeping fit is not about how nice I look (although I like being able to have a bit better self-esteem when I talk to the ladies 😉 but more about how good I feel and how healthy I am. I want to be healthy and feel good even when I get a bit older, and staying active is very important for this. That’s why I’m going to tell you about how technology helps me get or stay in shape.

We live in the golden age of technology, and one of the most convenient things to have, which will help you stay fit, are apps. Since everyone these days has a smartphone or some other type of mobile device, anyone can download and install some useful fitness apps.

One of the best ones is MyFitnessPal, which can keep a record of what you eat, count your calories, and track how many calories you burn. It also tells you if you have to make a change in your lifestyle and projects your weight in the future depending on your calorie burning and intake. I was surprised to learn there are apps for women which can be programmed to remind them when to take their protein supplements. There are also apps for extreme fitness freaks, like those which remind you when and how much you need to work out.

Other than apps, there are some lovely wearable gadgets which help you become or stay fit. A popular item in this category is the activity tracker. These are usually in the form of wristwatches, and they track how much you move. They also calculate how many calories you burn and how many steps you take. Some more advanced ones not only track how many steps you take, but also are you climbing with those steps or going down. They take that into account when calculating the total calories burned.

Another new and fun gadget is the smart scale – yes,  a smart SCALE! These scales not only measure your weight, but can also calculate your BMI, weight and even the air quality of your home. They can be connected to apps such as the one I mentioned before – MyFitnessPal, so you don’t have to enter your weight into the app, but the scale does this for you.

And the last thing on my list may seem a bit weird, but bear with me. The internet! This I think is the most important piece of technology for keeping fit, not only because it allows you to find out a lot of information on how to do it properly, but also because there are great support communities on there, and they will encourage you to work out and be as fit as a fiddle!

New technology in cars

New technology in carsHey everyone, I’m back! The car industry seems to be reeling under the impact of economic slowdown. With the dwindling sales in both used and new cars, you might think that there are no new advances taking place in the field. If so, you will be in for a surprise. Actually, I think this slowdown is more reason for the tech people to come up with something attention grabbing and new.

In fact, everyone who wants to buy a car looks at the additional features, or smart features. So as such, there is pressure on all sides for the car companies to keep producing something new. I’ve dived in and got some of the new technological advances that are creating a stir in the industry.

Backing up or parking sensors

Almost all new cars that are made now come with inbuilt sensors. While some of these have alerts that let you be aware of an object directly behind in the path of your vehicle, others come with rear cameras, which give you a clear view of what is behind your car. While reversing this is of great help. Sometimes, especially when you are driving fast on the highways, it is difficult to see what is in front of you with the glaring lights of oncoming cars and trucks. This is why I have the Whelen LED light bar fitted to my vehicle.

Multi direction cameras

If you thought cameras are only for rear view, these cameras will disabuse you of the notion. Some of the latest model cars boast of multi-direction cameras, which cover all sides of your car. These cameras in fact give you 360 degrees cover and alert you when an object or person is near the vehicle.

Parental control or GPS tracking devices

New technology in cars

With teenagers badgering their parents to no end about driving cars, it is natural for parents to worry, especially if the car is a brand new one. Technology takes care of this issue too expertly. There are GPS tracking with parental control gadgets that limit the radio volume and speed and alert you, if you have not put your seatbelt on.

These features let you feel more assured about the safety of your teen and the car of course! Most cars made today have high beam and automatic light control. You can turn your car to automatic lighting, so it switches on the lights, when it is dark. The high beam control helps you to increase or lower the light of your car, while other cars pass you or approach you. I think this would go well with the LED light bar I mentioned before, which I purchased at Lighting is very important for driving and it is not safe to ignore it.

Controls for driver aptitude

Certainly, this system is needed for today’s reckless drivers. It remembers what the driver does regularly and if it finds any deviation from that, it would alert you. The speed of the driver, steering wheel angle and use of gas, brakes and other factors are taken into account to judge the pattern of the driver. If any of these features are detected as abnormal by the system, it will alert and this is very useful when you drive during nighttime or for long hours nonstop.

Virtual Pets

Virtual-PetsHello everyone! I have recently been bitten by a new bug – adopting a virtual pet. Over the past few days, I have been actively involved with my virtual pet dog, Cho. Cho is a software based dog, which follows my commands and behaves just as a real pet would.

Having been fascinated by what virtual pets can offer, I decided to dig a little deeper into the subject. Soon, I discovered that adopting virtual pets can be a lot of fun and they present much fewer hassles than having to deal with an actual live pet.

Why own a virtual pet?

Virtual pets can offer the same advantages offered by a real pet, minus the troubles of having to cleaning up or having to provide them with actual food. Furthermore, there is no tension of having to deal with pet poop around the house.

While many people debate about the actual benefits of a virtual pet, research has shown that they can foster positive emotions in an adopter, just the same way as a conventional pet does.

Types of virtual pets

Here, I will talk about 3 of the simplest ways for you to stream your videos live. While most of these methods make use of hosting services or websites, you do not require much additional hardware f software, other than a PC, a webcam and an active internet connection.

Here are the top 3 methods that can allow you to stream your videos with ease:

Web based pets

Today, there are a large number of digital pet websites, which enable users to sign up and own virtual pets. These sites can be accessed through web browsers and often include fun game and tasks for users to enjoy.

These websites also offer a very active user community, where pet owners can meet each other and many also offer chat rooms.

Popularly also referred to as simulation sites, these web based virtual pets have gained massive popularity all over the word. While some of these websites feature pets based on real animals, some others contain mythical creatures that can be adopted as pets.

Some of the top web based virtual pets include:

Software based pets

Virtual Pets Other than website based virtual pets, users can also choose to adopt software based pets. Today, there are a large number of virtual pet games which can be played both on PCs and on mobile devices.

Described to be a part of life simulation games, such software based pet games are usually much better than their web counterparts, given the availability of larger computing power.

Artificial pets as featured in such software based games are capable of learning new tasks and are classified as software toys.

The Pokemon and Digimon are examples of some virtual software pets, which have seen a huge share of popularity over the past few years.

After having so much fun with Cho, I am considering of taking up a virtual aquarium as well. I’m still not sure which aquarium to pick though, since I want it to be really lifelike, with decorations and fish, but also things like some of those canister filters I saw on CanisterFilterGuide, and maybe a crab or two. While there are a number of online websites that allow me to have an aquarium, I’m still looking for the perfect fit for me, and  I would prefer software based aquarium on my smartphone rather than a web based one.

Latest Video Production Work

Latest Video Production WorkWell hello again, faithful readers. Regardless of whether you’re here as a repeat visitor or you’re stopping in for the first time, thanks for showing up. With the holidays over, it’s back to work as usual, and I’m feeling it all right. I just made a video for some sort of pool company that specializes in heating pools – really interesting stuff. Anyhow, they needed something that showed the process of installing a heater and I needed the job, so we were just right for each other. If you don’t mind, I’d like to go on about this for a bit; not too long, I promise.

It’s actually a complicated process – even more complicated if the pool has already been installed and more still if it’s an in-ground pool, compared to above-ground pools. See, if a pool is in the ground and it’s already been built with no heating system, things have to get dug up, even destroyed, which then leads to higher costs because the pool needs to be repaired after getting smashed up to install the heater. There are many different price points and other differences to consider too and this is why I said it was interesting; it really is.

I never thought about it before, since I don’t own a pool and if I ever do want to go swimming, there are plenty of places to do it around here. I couldn’t very well kayak in a pool and I just got one of those for Christmas at the end of 2014, so I don’t see myself becoming more interested in pools anytime soon. At least the job paid well. I didn’t really have to use any complicated techniques or other tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years, either. The video required practically no editing, too.

As a side effect of filming that, I suddenly started wanting to go visit one of the many beaches here in New York; I swear there’s water in every direction except southwest and plenty of places where I could go and get my swimming fix. The only problem with that is it’s so cold right now I’d freeze right up if I took a dip. That said, I can kind of understand why some pool owners would want to heat their pools now. If they can’t use them just because it’s cold outside, that could get pretty frustrating pretty quickly I imagine.

So what’s next? Well, I’m not exactly sure. Maybe some more streaming, or maybe another business contacts me, looking for a promotional video to be made. There’s not a day that goes by I’m not thankful for the work I get, even if it can be somewhat irregular at times. I mean, I honestly never thought I’d make a video to help promote a pool heater business, but I did. Do any of you have strange jobs you never thought you’d find yourself doing, until you did? I’d sure like to hear about them – the stranger the better.

My Newest Awesome “Data Center” Video Project

Hello everyone! It’s good to see you all again. I suppose you’re wondering what I’ve been up to since my last post? Well, I will tell you: I have been touring a data center. Real exciting stuff I know, but the thing is there are actually a lot of really cool things to learn about data centers, most of which I’ve tried to include in my newest awesome data center video project. Before we get to that though, let’s talk a little bit about some of the stuff that a data center entails.

What Data Centers Are and Why I Made a Video Tour of One

I have to admit, when I first got the call from a friend of mine asking me to make a video tour of a data center, I was a little confused. I knew that data centers housed computers for businesses, but why would anyone want to tour that? My friend explained to me that some data centers are actually quite interesting places, saying that data centers make things happen, from architecting a concept to supporting the project once it becomes reality. He was able to convince me enough that I thought it might make an interesting video tour, but it took actually going there for myself to see how crucial data centers really are to our society.

Inside a Data Center

At first impression, the inside of a data center is exactly what you would expect: rows and rows of computers. Then the tour started, and I began to see just how much work and thought went into this place. My tour guide explained that since data centers already need immense amounts of power to keep them operating, it was crucial that the entire center was extremely energy efficient. Looking around, I could see why. There were more computers packed into that building than you would find inside a Best Buy storage facility, each one working away at…well, at this point I didn’t really know what they were working at.

So I asked my tour guide. He explained that data centers were used primarily to do all of a business’s heavy computing power. He even said how Google’s data centers were used to store the 20 billion internet pages that they had indexed. For the next few minutes, he went on listing all the various tasks a data center can perform, from architecting a concept, storing information, running simulations, and the list goes on. All in all, I have to say it gave me a knew-found respect for the lines of computers I was walking past.

Despite my initial doubt, making a video tour of a data center turned out to be a fun and fascinating project. I’ve learned a lot about just how crucial data centers are to our modern society and gained some insight into the types of tasks they perform. I hope that by reading this post you all are able to say the same. At any rate, it’s been great talking to you! I’m off to put the finishing touches on my newest awesome data center video project.

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