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Sports That You Can Enjoy At Home

Hello, hello everyone! I bet everyone here knows how stressful life can be here in the Big Apple.

I’m pretty sure everyone wants to stay in their perfect shape. Perhaps, one of the best ways to stay dynamic and fit is to take part in various kinds of sports. Sports are a good way to have fun, burn calories, keep the muscles firm; not to mention, it can significantly help your social life. But even if you want to enjoy some sports, going around this city is just terrible.

Horrible traffic jams, delayed trains, unpredictable weather and the list goes on!

But what if I tell you that you could actually enjoy sports without leaving your home?

Here are some good sports you can do at home that will help you improve your physical health.


Everyone enjoys playing basketball in the backyard. Who wouldn’t be hooked to it?

It’s the best way to get your exercise or just practice your jump shot at home. But as fun as it can be playing by yourself, it is much more enjoyable when played with family and friends. Basketball is physically demanding exercise that can help you burn calories quickly. In fact, spending an hour of basketball game can burn 630–750 calories.


You must certainly use your pool to relax. If you’re lucky enough to have one in your yard, you can actually turn it into a personal gym. Swimming is a common aerobic exercise that you can do efficiently in a backyard pool. A good 30-minute swimming session every day can help keep your body fit and improve your immune system. That means, lesser risk for flu, as well as other illnesses.

Table Tennis

Loads of people play table tennis, also known as ping pong. The sport is common around the world and with noble reason. It provides entertainment and health benefits to players of different ages. When playing table tennis at home, you don’t need to have a large space or a separate room. You can definitely enjoy playing table tennis if you use the appropriate tennis equipment that you can read more about on this site


Cycling is perfect because it is not just a sport, it is also one of the top cardiovascular activities. It gives you many options to try and allows you to find the best one that fits for you. It’s stimulating, sociable and offers a holistic workout. Appropriate for everybody, cycling benefits weight loss as it burns calories and improves well-being. Cycling, even just around your house, can really help you maintain a physically fit body.


Running is the best kind of cardio workout that you can do at home or around your neighborhood. Running for several times a week can help you achieve your fitness goals. If you want to increase your running stamina all you have to do is to try some various types of run. The stronger and faster you run the more chances that you’ll lose weight. You can make it as a regular habit of workout.

Exercise and physical activity is essential for everyone, especially adults. No matter your health and physical state, you can achieve a healthy body mass by remaining active. Take this as an advice from a geek: you lose more by not being active! All said, if you really want to stay fit, it should all start with YOU! No more excuses, you don’t have to leave home to be fit!

Sports For A Fit Geek

Except for yo-yo, I actually don’t have any sports. Or is yo-yo even a sport? Well, I hope so.

Geekyness and sports don’t always (perhaps hardly ever) go together. They’re like oil and water that don’t mix up. I admit, I haven’t played any sport for the longest time.

Well, don’t get me wrong. I’m not taking about “games” because they are technically not sports. You won’t burn real calories or sweat out by outclassing others in a speed-chess match!

A real sporting event is where you’ll get your butt out of the couch, work your muscles and burn fat; the likes of basketball or soccer or football where you will wear sports gears like those at These are “real” sports! But the problem with these sports is that you’ll have to mingle and work with a team. Well, that’s not our turf. That’s out of our nerdy comfort zone. And I guess, other players would not want to take us into their team too.

But geeks and nerds out there need not shun sports. There are actually some sports the Great Geek God designed for us! Here are some of sporting events geeks might just find exciting.

  1. Tennis: If you don’t feel like playing with an opponent, you could play tennis with yourself! Yeah, you can do that with the tennis practice wall. That’s like shadow-boxing. For sure, you can develop great tennis skills when you do that. Who knows, the next US Open Champ could be from the world of geeks.
  2. Disc Golf: Well, this one’s mix of Frisbee and golf. For this sport, you need to throw the plastic discs in a big, public park. The goal is to land the discs in wire baskets. There’s no running but you’ve got to have good upper-body for the throw and lower-body for the long walk.
  3. Fencing: Perhaps, the best geek-sport, fencing will get your entire body moving. And best of all, you’ve got a lightsaber!
  4. Wushu: We sure love to create and live out our fantasies. Wushu just lets you do it – and people won’t laugh at you. It’s actually Chinese martial arts that can both be used for performance or martial application. You can use bare hands but there are also short weapon or long weapons that will make you look more explosive and fierce! Plus, the costumes are great!
  5. Dance Dance Revolution: Yeah, this sport is actually computer based, again! But it can help you burn calories in just one full round. No need to worry if you’ve got two left foot, as long as you hit the right button.
  6. Wii Fitness: Is this really a sport or a game? But never mind, what’s important is that it can help you sweat out and burn calories. Wii Fitness offers hundreds (if countless) different games and exercise routines that can get your butt moving.

There you have it six sports that nerdy-types will find enjoyable. Hope to see all of you in a Geek Olympics in the future!

Stay Fit With Brazilian Martial Arts

judo-297653_960_720Hey, everyone! I’ve been in a ‘writing’ mood these days, so here are some of my fresh thoughts on how you can actually make your life healthier and try to live offline, at least for a while. Many might think: well what’s the problem, dude? Just do some workouts or jog in the morning, like millions do. Eh, you know it’s not that I’m too lazy to do those, but why not try making your fitness routines a little bit more interesting and fun? That’s why I’ve recently decided to find out the hidden benefits of an exotic activity such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. So, let’s get started!

My regular readers probably know that I have never tried any of the Eastern martial arts (origami does not count, unfortunately, ha-ha). My fighting experience does not go any further than some minor kid fights at the primary school backyard ending with a couple of bruises and a disciplinary punishment from the school management. However, staying fit is something I have always been dedicated to in spite of my computer addiction.

For this reason, I have recently decided to visit one of my friends who’s fond of BJJ and has been practicing it for a couple of years already. So here’s what I have found out.

First of all, you don’t need any special equipment to start practicing BJJ, except maybe a comfortable Gi like those you can find at BJJBOOTCAMP. Most of the students who have just started training say that they have quickly lost excessive weight and feel like their bodies are much more flexible now. Many also talk about how much strength they have gained and how they are in better shape.

Many people start practicing this kind of sport in order to look better as well as to learn using their body as one unit. I believe this is a good idea for our current society, with its permanent sitting in a car or in front of a computer. As you increase your body awareness, you soon gain mobility and strength even though you might not necessarily see it on the mats. In other words, physical fitness is one of the key aspects of BJJ and that’s what probably makes it so popular.

Along with physical enhancements coming as a result of BJJ training, you get mental improvements which can be often overlooked. While learning a technique, you must apply a great deal of mental activity as if you were studying a school subject. Some say it is the most challenging part of the process requiring concentration as well as a great deal of agility. So if you’re an impulsive person who gets easily frustrated when things get hard, BJJ is probably not for you.

However, hard training may teach you to direct your emotions to reach your goals which I believe is quite a rewarding experience. The ability to stand up and continue every time you fall (literally) is a great ability you can acquire while practicing BJJ. In my opinion, this sport offers great opportunities to improve your body and your mind. So if you haven’t decided yet what kind of sport to go for, try BJJ as an option.

Full Body Workout with the Power Rack

Full Body Workout with the Power RackSo, I was feeling out of shape lately since I have been busy with work. I live in New York City and that should be enough to tell you what it is like living there. Everything is fast-paced with the morning rush, crowds, and tourists trying to get from one notable NYC site to the next. Another thing about New York City is the food. Pizza, hot dogs, and other delectable dishes are easy to get and with the bodegas, there is plenty of junk food to snack on. Anyway, back to feeling out of shape. I figured that I should do something about it. I don’t want to go to the gym, especially since I don’t want to shell out money each month. I heard about a product that can help me exercise and burn the excess fat. So, I hit the sports store and found a piece of equipment that caught my eye.

I saw the power rack and figured, “Eh, why not?” After receiving and putting it together, I wanted to try out some exercises I saw when reading a couple of men’s fitness magazines. I didn’t just want to drop weight; I wanted to add a few pounds of muscles to my frame. Ladies would like to see KnitWit with some bulging biceps and appearing “yoked”. This simple piece of kit for full body workout blew my mind when I started to exercise six times a week, for three months.

At first, I was having trouble getting into it. I’m not used to using a power rack, but after watching a few weightlifting videos online, I became determined to build my dream physique. First, I did the power rack squats. These squats beef up the quads and strengthen the hamstrings and glutes (yes, my butt muscles). First, I put the bar hooks a bit lower than shoulder length. Next, I set the safety bars to a position that would help me squat at a depth of my choice. With my feet shoulder-width apart, I let the barbell sit on my shoulders. It was a struggle at first to bend my knees and make my thighs go parallel as I went towards the ground. Luckily, I had a friend who has experience with weightlifting to spot me. I do four sets of 8 repetitions with a minute to rest in between.

The second exercise I love doing is the power rack bench press. This exercise builds mass on your chest and triceps while working the abdominals.  I simply set the bar to the height I want, lift the bar carefully, and press the weight off my chest. Again, my friend was making sure it was done safely. I do about 4 sets of 6-8 reps with 3 minutes in between.

Some other exercises that I learned were shoulder presses, dips (for chest and triceps), and partial curls for my biceps. I did these exercises and after the first month, I noticed how easy it was to twist a jar of pickles! Okay, I’ve never had problems opening a jar, but all kidding aside, I did notice how easy it was to pick up boxes and carry groceries in a single trip. If you are looking for a piece of equipment to use for workouts, definitely buy the power rack. All I know is the power rack was a great investment for my overall wellbeing.

How to Keep Yourself Fit Using Latest Apps

How to Keep Yourself Fit Using Latest AppsHi guys! Today I’m going to write about how to keep fit with the help of different technological advancements and items. I’ve gained some weight recently, and I decided to get rid of it, and to bring myself in a bit better shape. Today’s society puts a lot of emphasis on keeping fit and having a good body. But for me, keeping fit is not about how nice I look (although I like being able to have a bit better self-esteem when I talk to the ladies 😉 but more about how good I feel and how healthy I am. I want to be healthy and feel good even when I get a bit older, and staying active is very important for this. That’s why I’m going to tell you about how technology helps me get or stay in shape.

We live in the golden age of technology, and one of the most convenient things to have, which will help you stay fit, are apps. Since everyone these days has a smartphone or some other type of mobile device, anyone can download and install some useful fitness apps.

One of the best ones is MyFitnessPal, which can keep a record of what you eat, count your calories, and track how many calories you burn. It also tells you if you have to make a change in your lifestyle and projects your weight in the future depending on your calorie burning and intake. I was surprised to learn there are apps for women which can be programmed to remind them when to take their protein supplements. There are also apps for extreme fitness freaks, like those which remind you when and how much you need to work out.

Other than apps, there are some lovely wearable gadgets which help you become or stay fit. A popular item in this category is the activity tracker. These are usually in the form of wristwatches, and they track how much you move. They also calculate how many calories you burn and how many steps you take. Some more advanced ones not only track how many steps you take, but also are you climbing with those steps or going down. They take that into account when calculating the total calories burned.

Another new and fun gadget is the smart scale – yes,  a smart SCALE! These scales not only measure your weight, but can also calculate your BMI, weight and even the air quality of your home. They can be connected to apps such as the one I mentioned before – MyFitnessPal, so you don’t have to enter your weight into the app, but the scale does this for you.

And the last thing on my list may seem a bit weird, but bear with me. The internet! This I think is the most important piece of technology for keeping fit, not only because it allows you to find out a lot of information on how to do it properly, but also because there are great support communities on there, and they will encourage you to work out and be as fit as a fiddle!

Boxing with a Buddy

Boxing with a BuddyHi all! I have been posting a bit about the things that I am interested in recently, and one of those things is keeping fit. Now, I fully admit that I am not the mos obvious choice as a buff fitness guy, but I am actually hoping to change that.

That’s why I have decided to take up the quintessential tough guy sport—boxing. The whole reason that this came about is that my friend, Louis, wants to start learning, and he invited me to join him.

I really wasn’t expecting take this up before Louis mentioned it, but I actually think that learning to box will be the perfect complement to the things that I am already doing, which mostly consists of weight I lifting right now though I have also tried a couple of other things lately. I’ve read up on it a bit and really think that  is the perfect sport for not only gaining muscle and learning how to defend yourself, but also for increasing speed and agility. And, I think that it will be a ton of fun to at least try out.

I am starting to do everything that I need to in order to get started learning how to box. My friend already found a good club to join, so this really means tracking down the proper equipment, this includes everything from gloves to tape to mouth guards. One of the best resources I have found regarding the things I need has been in the form of this website. There are a lot of great, and very detailed,  product reviews as well as some other tips and insights that have been really useful to a newbie like me. I’ve already sent the link to Louis to look over.

I am actually pretty amazed a how quickly everything is coming together. I have even managed to whittle down my choices regarding the perfect boxing gloves to buy. I haven’t 100% decided yet, but I am pretty close. I know that I could probably rent or borrow a pair to begin with,but they are just so cool. I am even thinking about hanging them on my wall for decoration (though ‘m sure that my girlfriend would hate it). Even past the coolness factor, I think that buying a pair of gloves will help me mentally commit to boxing.

They area major purchase, even though they are far less expensive than I expected them to be. I hope that what this will mean is that I will value the experience of boxing more by buying the gloves, and  I will practice it more regularly than I do most other things. Anything to keep me motivated to keep practicing!

It turns out that I’m pretty fired up about this new idea, and I hope that it helps me to become stronger, healthier and more quick witted and alert. It is such a strange thing to think about potentially stepping into the ring, even just for practice, but I think it will be exciting and a lot of fun try with Louis too.

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