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An Almost Perfect Fishing Trip With My Uncle

An Almost Perfect Fishing Trip With My UncleTwo weeks ago my  uncle from Canada came to visit me and I decided to bring my girlfriend. I brought a cool tech – portable fish finder named Garmin Echo and I find this to be the best fish finder because it gives me the week’s weather forecast for the areas where people fish the most and I along.

Learn about tips on how to catch fish in an efficient way. My uncle came to my home and he appeared tall and graceful with loads of manliness and a somewhat stern demeanor. From that point on he cracked jokes and talked about his excitement of fishing. He knows I love Swedish candy fish so he brought about three bags from Canada. Then I picked up my girlfriend and things got interesting.

My Girlfriend Asked Rude Questions

During the trip my girlfriend asked my uncle some rude questions that I didn’t want to deal with but went ahead and faced the drama anyway. She asked him if he would consider himself a male chauvinist since she heard him and I talk about his views on gender roles in marriage. My uncle would be considered politically incorrect since he doesn’t believe that women  should work outside the home and that he feels women’s primary roles are wife and mother. I disagree with him and when my girlfriend asked this question, my uncle was taken aback. I told my girlfriend that she should not be rude with my uncle even if she doesn’t like his views.

She Let The Best Fish Get Away

At some point my uncle needed to rest so he sat down while I caught some big fish which included red snapper, trout, whiting, and bass. My girlfriend whined about not getting the opportunity to learn how to fish so I gave her a few lessons. Thirty minutes later she was on her own and for a while she caught some small fish. However, she kept letting the bigger fish get away and it was because of the way she held her fishing rod and waved it out in the water. My uncle chuckled in disdain at her and I had to advise him to not make her feel bad.

Cleaning The Fish

Once we concluded our fishing trip we got off the two kayaks we used for the trip and then it was off to the park’s rest area so we can clean the fish. I asked my girlfriend to assist us but she acted as if she were scared of the fish. I told her that the fish is dead and that their eyes will look big because that is how fish’s eyes look. She held us up by taking a long time to clean the fish. Clearly she and my uncle are not getting along.


It would’ve been better if I didn’t take my girlfriend because during the trip she and my uncle didn’t get along and I had to play the role of peacemaker at times. The next time I go fishing it will be without her unless it is with someone I think she’ll get along with.

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