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My Trip To Uncle’s House

Hey guys, it’s me Morgan and in this blog I’ll talk about my trip to my uncle’s house in Colorado. Nowadays his favorite place to visit is the local marijuana retailers and now that marijuana is legal in this state, he buys quite a bit of it. Since I know that marijuana prices would rise as the demand gets higher for it, I suggested that my uncle grow his own marijuana indoors so he can save money on the herb but then he told me, “I have a busy job and I just don’t have much time. You need grow lights to grow marijuana indoors and I’m not always able to buy a lot of grow lights and other necessary supplies. This is why I buy it instead.”

My Thoughts On Marijuana Legalization

I think it’s a good thing that marijuana is now legal in Colorado because the state’s residents no longer have to be criminalized for buying and growing marijuana; they can have better access to the marijuana and for many people this means an improvement in health conditions. For example, my uncle’s twin sons have epilepsy and when they use marijuana they notice a decrease in the epileptic seizures and headaches. My uncle struggles with multiple sclerosis and when the pain gets the best of him, he gets relief from marijuana.

The Neighbor’s Indoor Grow Room

My uncle has this quirky neighbor who lives across the street and  we visited the neighbor’s indoor growing room. The neighbor showed me an old indoor growing guide he had from a few years ago and he served tuna sandwiches to my uncle and I as we discussed tips on growing marijuana in a grow room. The neighbor told my uncle that the temperature of the grow room shouldn’t be too hot or cold and that a fan should placed in the grow room to cool the plants as they grow. My uncle also talked about how all the grow rooms he visited recently contained LED grow lights and how those lights that are energy efficient.

Marijuana Legalization Creates Jobs

My uncle mentioned to me while in Colorado that thanks to the recent legalization of marijuana in the state, it allowed for more people to become small business owners. He said that prior to the legalization, the town he lived in was filled with petty crimes that involved marijuana but now they can earn a living for themselves with what they enjoy. I agree and this could be the start of a new kind of economy in Colorado and posibly the rest of the country.


I enjoyed myself in Colorado with my uncle and as I checked out the marijuana shops and indoor grow rooms, I’m amazed at how far we’ve come over the past thirty or more years. I’m not ready to start my own grow room yet but at least I’ll have the knowledge I learned here to get started when that time comes.

Streaming about Steaming

Streaming about SteamingDo you have the kind of parents who send you gifts during the holidays and then call you over and over again for the next year or so, asking if you’re getting any use out of the things they sent you? I have parents like this. It’s not really accurate what I said either, about it stopping after a year; once the next holiday season comes around and we all exchange gifts again it just starts over, like some kind of circle. At least it’s not a downward spiral or anything; I’m really happy that my folks still keep me in mind even though I’m grown and gone from home.

Well, this last time, I finally figured out a way to make it stop, I think. Not the gift-giving, I rather enjoy that part. But I figured, if I could just show them that I was getting some use out of their presents, that should stop the questions a lot earlier in the year, right? Well that’s what I decided to do. Specifically, I did some streaming where I showed off the new steaming iron my mother sent me, so she could see with her own eyes that I was indeed enjoying the gift, and I didn’t just return it or something like that.

There’s really not much to tell about that. I ironed some clothes while she watched, showed them off once I was finished and even asked her for some help with applying starch during the ironing process. It was a nice little bonding moment for us, but nothing anyone would want to read about. While we went back and forth, she told me she found the iron she bought for me by searching at New Comfy Life first. It’s not a website I ever heard of before, but since I’ve also never gone shopping for steaming irons, that makes sense.

I ended up really liking my new iron, so I went and visited that website a couple days later when I had the time to do some senseless browsing. It turns out they have reviews for all kinds of ironing boards as well, which you can read at if you wish. Hey, who knows, maybe you’re looking for some useful gift to give to somebody you love, right? Well if it helps any of you out, be sure to let me know so I can keep doing stuff like this.

As for the iron, I don’t think my clothes have ever looked better. Don’t go telling my ma, but I think I do an even better job of ironing my clothes than she did, back when she used to do it for me. I mean, I was never really in practice or anything, so maybe it’s the iron itself which is making the work so easy. I’m going to keep working with it, maybe let her try it a few times to see the results she gets, and then document everything in some awfully boring record somewhere.

Things to Do Offline

Things to Do OfflineHey everyone! I’m back! Today I’d like to discuss the topic “How to Live Offline?”. Yes, you haven’t mistaken. Really OFFLINE! Nowadays we are so addicted to the Internet that we can’t even imagine our life without it. But it isn’t the end of the world! You can believe or not, but people used to live earlier without Facebook or Twitter.

Moreover, their lives were even better. First thing that you shouldn’t do when you are out of Wi-Fi access points or your Internet connection is disabled is just trying not to panic. It is not a big deal! I can even say it’s a prittle prattle.

You can easily cope with this problem and spend your free time offline even more interesting. If you still don’t believe in it, just spend a few minutes reading my pieces of advice. They are tested by me, personally, so they will surely work out.

Therefore, you are out of the Internet. What can you begin doing?

  1. Singing songs. Do you think it’s too easy? Oh, no, my friends. It is a golden opportunity to relax, to improve your mood, just to have fun, at least. Let’s just imagine. Have you ever had such a situation when you listened to the familiar song and you couldn’t stop but singing. Yes, yes. Exactly. It happens with everybody. Nothing matters at this moment. That is the time when the world stops. It is only you and music. Isn’t it good? You can do it anywhere: at home, outdoors, in a car. Just turn on your favorite music and enjoy. Or you can meet with your friends and go to karaoke. No doubt, it is an excellent way to relax.
  2. Making photos. Today almost everyone has a profile in the Instagram or Facebook or so on, it doesn’t matter. But how long ago have you snapshotted something, besides selfie or your food? Can’t remember? Either do I. So, just grab your camera and go outdoors to the real world. You will be excited how cute the common places are, when you are looking at them through the camera lens. You can make photos of everything around you: a little green park, pairs jogging at it, a lake with swans, a man wearing something odd, a beautiful young lady, an elderly couple sitting on the bench, a modern fashionista, a red squirrel, etc. Moreover, maybe you will be so lucky to find out that you’ve got a talent in it. And it will change your life.
  3. Hiking. We are addicted to going to work, sitting plenty of time in the office, coming back home and sitting in the Internet a rest of the time. We are a generation of couch potatoes. Yes. Be honest! Can you remember when you have gone somewhere just for pleasure, just to see how beautiful our planet is? Hiking is a virtuous way to spend your time. If you think that it is too complicated or you need a steep trail – you make a great mistake. Everything you need is only a wish to do it, a good company, a real nature around you and comfortable pair of shoes, of course. There are a lot of benefits of hiking. I can enumerate only some of them: breathtaking landscapes around you, fresh air, and birds singing songs, a smell of flora and a spirit of adventures. You are not as romantic as I am? Ok. There are several advantages that can motivate even you, cynic people. Hiking can make you healthy. It makes your body fit (better than any gym), improves blood pressure, bone density, supports your general balance, and fortifies your legs. So, call your friends, make an amazing walk, take some water, snacks and so on and begin conquering the world.
  4. Increasing your influence. If you are still here, my pragmatic friends, and you are not those people who are looking for adventures or relax – no problem. I have a solution for you what to do offline. You can start working on your personality. You see, we live in such circumstances that if you want to succeed, you have to convince somebody that you are right. Influence is a certain control. But first of all, you have to be beyond of any doubt what and how you want to achieve, in order to increase your influence. That’s why take a deep breathe, close your eyes and think over whom, what and where would you like to be, for example, in 5 years. Consider how you can reach all you planned. Put all your thoughts on a sheet of paper. So, we have found the starting point. From this time, you have to think about an intension of doing it and how you can become closer to your goal before going somewhere or doing something, even everyday things. If you are going to the party, you must concentrate your attention on that you may meet the needful people or you go there just for fun (to relax and have a good mood for the further steps in achieving your goal). No matter what you do, just be focused. Influential people know for sure what they want, so they find a direct way to their aims. Be easygoing to people around. Be confident of what you are doing or saying. Be polite; show even non-verbally that you are interested in your partner. Be accurate, do always your tasks in time. Be tolerant. Show your appreciation. Try new things. Never stop learning. Don’t waste your time on blaming; try to find a problem’s solution. There are only a few steps, but try them and you will see how helpful they are.

Of course, it’s just a little bit of positive offline activities. But you can be sure that the life without the Internet is bright and interesting. Start living your full life just now. If you have other offers how to spend your free time in an interesting way, share them with me in your comments.

Christmas: One Month Later

Christmas One Month LaterIt seems a bit odd to be writing about it now, literally a month later, but I didn’t really have a lot of free time to cover Christmas back when the holiday was happening, you know? There were all the phone calls, the visits with friends and family, shopping for gifts, showing up to dinners; it’s one of the busiest times of the year if you ask me. I got a few nice things from my folks, but as the old adage goes, it’s better to give than to receive. I did a lot of giving, too. I don’t think I can remember it all now and it was just barely 30 days ago.

Well my mom, I’m always keeping her in mind. I guess you could call me a sort of mama’s boy, but I’d probably take offense if you actually did call me that to my face; I think some of the guys out there understand what I mean here. Anyhow, she’s always on my mind, so I got her a bunch of good stuff. Some fine Chanel perfume for one, because I know she’s a big fan of that. Even though she’s getting older, she likes to dance – clog dancing of all things. I actually picked up some clogs like these DANSKO ones I found, but I think she knew they were coming when she spied me checking her shoe size.

I can’t forget my old man, either. I can’t explain it but I do love to gift scents, so I got him some cologne too. His usual brand, stuff he’s been using for years and likes a lot; that made that gift pretty easy. Lately he’s been complaining about his feet too, so I looked hard for some orthopedic shoes in the same place where I found those clogs for my mom. I found a number of different pairs of shoes, along with reviews, and went shopping on the Internet once I had a better idea what it was I wanted, specifically. They were both happy with their gifts.

I’ve got a number of siblings, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces and other relatives too. While I didn’t pick up presents for literally every person in my family, I did get a few things for the closer ones. My older brother got a new wallet because he’s always wrecking his wallets somehow; I swear he’s a brute even if he doesn’t realize it. My little brother got some clothes, nothing special. He’s still in school and strapped for cash like practically every other college student in the USA, so it was an appropriate gift, I think.

That’s as far as I’ll go with this. Did any of you get something special this Christmas for the people in your family, or maybe your friends? I’d kind of like to hear about it. It’s always interesting to me what people gift to each other, especially in those cases where the gift was really poorly received. I don’t mean to make fun or anything, but I’m sure we’ve all gotten a gift and wondered just why the heck someone would buy it for us, am I right?

7 Pool Party Awesome Ideas

7 Pool Party Awesome IdeasHey everyone, I’m back again, with another new post. It’s about a pool party, of all things. The other day, I was given the task of coming up with a very cool pool party, something that would be both entertaining and memorable for all the guests being invited.

It wasn’t the first party I’ve had to plan and with how well it went, I doubt it will be my last, either. For completing the task with great success, I’ve checked out some awesome above ground pool, click here for more information!

I came up with 7 great ideas to make the event one that would stick in the minds of our visitors. Fortunately for anyone else out there planning a pool party, I’ve decided to share those ideas here:

Fairy Jars

I’m not going to tell you go track down some fairies and stuff them into jars. But I read about something with this name before and it’s pretty cool. All you have to do is find some jars, or any solid, clear containers with lids, then fill them with a mixture of glitter and the stuff from inside glow sticks. Shake it up and you’ve got an amazing light source.

Swimming and a Show

Depending on the crowd you’re looking to entertain, your party might go over much better if you add a movie to the mix. Lots of things are better with a movie added – like dinner, a date, and even swimming. Just don’t play anything like Jaws or Sharknado and you’ll probably be fine.

Specialty Ice Cubes

While alcohol and swimming don’t mix, there are all kinds of safe drinks you could dress up by encasing various herbs, spices and edible flowers in your ice cubes. Not only will these add a unique look to everyone’s drink, but some of them can actually be quite flavorful.

Floating Candles

Getting back to lighting for a moment, there are other alternative sources of light which can really make your pool party look like something out of a favorite fictional story. Did you know there are candles designed to float on the water’s surface? You’ll never have to worry about starting a fire with these candles, that’s for sure.


Most traditional makes of s’mores use a big, bright campfire to make the sweet confections. You can also make them with coal, utilizing small terracotta pots or other containers, just as well. For your next pool party, you may be able to thrill your guests with tasty food if nothing else.

Glow in the Dark Fixtures

Along with the other special lighting effects, you could even go as far as to make your plates, forks, spoons, knives and other fixtures glow in the dark. Combining these with the aforementioned fairy jars and floating candles will make your pool party a sight to behold.

Pool Games

Besides swimming, some of your guests might really enjoy some fun games in the pool. That depends on the type of guests you are serving, though. If you are hosting a children’s party, be sure to find an ideal pool for the family games, that everyone can enjoy! I’m not talking about anything as simple as Marco Polo either – look into pool darts, water polo, basketball and other games which translate well from solid ground into the water.

The Making of Barbecue Party

The Making of Barbecue PartyI’m the kind of guy that likes barbecue so much, I don’t even need a special occasion to do it. Sometimes I prepare food just for myself, using a grill or a smoker. But there’s something about barbecuing a ton of food for a big gathering of people that just feels right to me.

Maybe that’s why I go out of my way to cook out for my friends so often. At least they’re nice enough to bring along some meat when we all get together; all I usually buy is fuel for the fire. But then I do all the cooking too, and everyone usually likes the finished product, so that probably has something to do with the way things work.

As usual, I used the best smoker equipment to prepare the various meats my friends brought to be cooked – this is a splendid example. There’s something about that smoky flavor and the way smoked meat kind of falls apart in the mouth; it’s just perfect if you ask me. Sure, it takes several hours to cook thoroughly, with additional cooking time needed to really get the flavor of your smoke chips or pellets into the food, but I don’t mind at all. Neither do my guests apparently, since many of them managed to show up well before the time I advertised, so I could start smoking their share of the food early.

I know what you’re going to say – how could smoking possibly be better than grilling if it takes so much longer to get food ready to eat? I used to think exactly that myself. In fact, I used to use the usual grill but reverted to awesome smokers after tasting the meat prepared at a friend’s birthday party. I kind of talked his ear off that day, asking all kinds of questions about how he prepared his food, what specific wood chips or pellets he was using, the kind of smoker he used, and on and on. But it paid off. He was very informative, and now I make some of the best smoked meats anyone I know has ever tasted.

There were ribs, chicken, burgers, dogs, pretty much every kind of meat you could want at a grill out and enough of everything that everyone who was visiting got what they wanted. Usually something runs out before the event is over and then someone ends up wanting some of that specific thing when there is no more, but that wasn’t the case this last time. I just love when people bring enough to feed everyone; there are few things more annoying than cooking tons of food and having it still not be enough to satisfy all my guests.

We’re already making plans for our next barbecue party too. More than a few people recommended steaks, and while I do like grilling steaks, I also know they can get pretty costly, especially for the choice cuts of meat. Really though, I don’t care how much they cost, as long as I don’t have to buy any of the food myself. I think I’ll let the others work out who will buy what on their own time. I do all the cooking, after all.

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