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Tips For A Clutter-Free Desk

Hi, how are you? It’s been quite some time since my last post. I missed all of you guys!

I’ve been doing a lot of things lately and hardly able to sit in my computer desk. In fact, when I got back to my computer desk, I realized that everything’s a mess. So, I decided to do a major desk clean-up. I had thrown lots of useless stuff that have piled up in my desk and where mosquitoes have found a good breeding place. I had to use an insect repellant, the one I read at, to finally get rid of them.

Upon completing my clean-up drive, I decided to write this post. Here let me give you some tips and tricks on how to maintain a clutter-free desk!

  1. Label your folders, equipment and accessories

Keep your documents properly labeled and organized in folders. As for the devices, you can label tem based on the device where it is used.

  1. Digitize all files

Every time you receive a document, automatically scan it. Decide whether you need to keep the paper document. If you would still need the actual paper document, store it in a labeled folder. If you are not likely to use it, place it in a box that is ready for long-term storage. This should keep your desk free of piles of papers.

  1. Organize your wires and cables

Wires and cables are a common annoyance in office or home desks. They do not only look your desk disorganized they can also cause electronic problems. A good way to keep them organized is by bundling them together using Velcro one-wraps. If the chords are long enough, you can coil them up and store beneath the table.

  1. Keep paperclips, USB sticks, and other small items in boxes

Aside from wires these small digital gadgets and office supplies can easily clutter your desk. Place a box at your desk where you can store all these items. You can repurpose any box or buy an office box. I have a repurposed gift box.

  1. Make more storage, away from your desk

Most of the time, you don’t have enough storage space so things get piled up in your office desk. To avoid clutter from piling up in your desk, you might need to create new storage spaces. Make sure that these storage spaces are away from your desk – perhaps, a new overhead cabinet or a separate desk with drawers.

Lastly, make sure that you clean up before you leave your desk. This is one lesson I learned while cleaning up my own mess. I’m sure I won’t be having this problem if I only diligently did this one thing every single day!

So, there you have it, my tips for a clutter-free, ready-for-work desk. Hopefully, you got some nice tips. See you on my next post!

Here are a few thoughts on improving your handicaps in life

Here are a few thoughts on improving your handicaps in lifeHello! It’s me again. Your favorite knit wit and computer and streaming geek who just happens to be quite good at what he does, in spite of perceived handicaps standing in his way. That’s what today’s post is going to be about then. I’d thought I’d help you guys off to a great start for the New Year by sharing some thoughts on improving our handicaps in life.

Perhaps you’ve noticed this already but being playful with words is another forte of mine. Well, it’s becoming something of a good habit anyhow because now I can communicate better all my other advice and tips and tricks on the stuff you’ll want to be reading about in the new year, things like new games and what to expect from new product developments from the world’s leading tech companies.

Optimize your apps for eating out

A good hand-held GPS unit will get you quite far in my town. It’s called the Big Apple but now it’s starting to test my hunger pangs and remind me of another big Apple on the other side of the country in a town called Silicone Valley. New York City is also known as the city that never sleeps and for good reason too. While I’m particularly proud of this attribute, New York has legendary status as a multi-cultural hub.

This presents me with another handicap of sorts because one of the world’s largest cities makes it quite difficult for this hungry lad to decide what to eat tonight, having to choose from literally thousands of restaurants and take-outs. Like most other New Yorkers and as you may have gathered, I’m a pretty busy guy, so don’t have time for cooking right now. Now, you might be thinking why I would want to improve my handicaps in life.

Use metaphors to motivate yourself

Why not just get rid of them altogether, for crying out loud. As I said earlier, I’m getting to enjoy my play with words, and chose the golfing metaphor to motivate what I’ll be closing this post with. Yes, it’s true that we should be trying to rid ourselves of handicaps, but let’s face it, particularly if you are physically disabled or mentally challenged, you’re stuck for life with whatever you are faced with. Like the game of golf, you simply have to drive a little harder at improving your handicap.

Now, there’s another peculiar thing about golf worth penning here. When we play our video games we are always challenging ourselves to go for a high or highest score, right? Not so with golf. Apparently, you’re a winner if your score is the lowest of the lot.

Start the New Year by keeping a scorecard

Talk about being below par. Well, that’s how I want to start the New Year. It’s no good making promises that you can’t keep. But what you can do is keep a score card, like they do in golf, and strategize new ways and means to improve your lot in life, no matter what your handicap.

How To Look And Feel Swell And Put Your Best Foot Forward

I’m ba-a-a-a-ack! Yikes! Some of you, who are regular visitors here, might be thinking; this guy’s really lost it. No, I haven’t. In fact, I feel pretty darn good today. And why do I feel so tip-top? I’ll tell you in a moment. I’ve taken my extra-friendly introduction to today’s post from one of my all-time favorite movies, Independence Day. I was still a kid then but I remember this spectacular event as if it was just the other day. Who remembers one of the enduring characters from that show?

Be brave and help yourself

How to look and feel swell and put your best foot forwardRemember Randy Quaid? In the movie, he makes a brave attempt to save the world from the malevolent aliens who have invaded it. And as he veers his nuclear weapon-powered jet up towards one of the hegemonic crafts, he introduces himself. So, now do you remember? Anyway, the older of the Quaid brothers, cuts a forlorn figure in both the movie and in real life. In the movie, Randy Quaid’s character had lost all confidence in his ability to do things properly and live life responsibly, mainly due to the trauma he experiences from the unforgettable experience of being molested by these creatures.

Anyway, some of us have painful memories from our past which makes it difficult for us to get out of bed in the morning and project a confident image of ourselves designed to make us look and feel good and put our best foot forward. If you are one of those folks who are struggling right now, take heart, because, thankfully, there many good life skills coaches operating from Self-help sites like this one who are standing by with good advice and remedies on how to enhance your image and make you feel a little better about yourself and your surroundings.

Shine and be happy

Of course, I’m also available if you need a friendly ear. For now, though, I’m going to leave you with just a bit of motivational advice to enhance your image, give the day all you’ve got and show the world what you’re really made of. I read from the Old Testament in someone’s Bible that when in mourning, don’t wear a sad face along with the traditional mourning sackcloth. Put on your best coat of armor, polish up your shoes and straighten your jacket out before you head out the door.

To do this, and by wearing external and internal figure-hugging garments, you are not being vain. You are projecting an image of self-confidence and pride. You must have heard of these two old sayings before; ‘clothes maketh the man’ and ‘you are what you eat’. Now, this last bit of wise philosophy is as important as image-consciousness. You need to eat healthily too and eliminate all the unhealthy, toxic junk food which invariably contributes towards increased levels of stress and anxiety.

Gosh, time does fly, particularly when you’ve been having as much fun as I’ve had in trying to lift you up. Here’s hoping that I also made you smile.

Versatile uses of a Basement

Versatile uses of a BasementIf you are living in a prime locality, you will probably understand how premium space can be. Using every inch of your home is an efficient way to see to the space requirements of your family. Recently my friend had opened a studio in his basement. He lives in a posh locality, where renting out a studio is very expensive. He was using his basement to dump all the unwanted and useless knick-knacks earlier.

When he started scouting for a good studio in town, he was shocked at the prices quoted. I told him about how his basement could be made use of for his studio. He was immediately taken with the idea and was sorry he had not thought of it himself.

And in a few weeks’ time he had cleared out his basement and converted it into a beautiful basement studio. Since he did not have to pay rent, the money saved helped him to use more on the equipment he needed for the studio. He’s a happy man now!

Basements can be used in different ways and turned to almost any space you want for your office or personal use. Once you take care of having sufficient headroom, the rest of the set up is a breeze. Here are some of different uses you can put your basement to instead of just dumping things in there.


Although basements are inevitably used as storage space, when you do it in an organized fashion the entire space could be used very prudently. Instead of throwing whatever is not in use into the basement, you can put up a row of shelves or cupboards and store things neatly, so you can use them when needed. Proper lighting helps in making the space more welcome. And make sure you keep the basement free from moisture. If you live in a flood prone area, having an efficient SUMP PUMP helps a lot.


If you are into hobbies in a small scale such as clay modelling and others, the basement space can be easily converted to a workshop. For larger hobbies like furniture making or reconstructing bikes, you need proper access to your basement. If the basement is not entirely submerged, you can enlarge an existing skylight or coal hatch to give better access.

Office space

Based on the work you want to do, a basement can be turned into an efficient office space. While natural light may not be easily available, you can make it up with proper lighting and ventilation. A basement affords better privacy with very little distractions, as it is not directly connected to other parts of your home like a study.

If you are not keen on using the basement for office work, you could use the space as a spare bedroom provided you have a window for the basement. Even if a window is not present, you can use proper lightings and air conditioning to make the room more inhabitable. Gym, home theater, and laundry room are other uses that find many takers.

The Educational Value of Origami

The Educational Value of OrigamiI’m back again, so hello to everyone. Many of you may be surprised to find out that I am an adequate origami artist. I went into this ancient Japanese art of paper folding in order to have an interesting and useful off-line activity. ‘Why origami?’ you may ask. There are plenty of pleasant off-line activities but origami is not only fun, believe me. Did you know that practicing origami activates your whole brain? Therefore, along with fun and relaxation you get some educational value.

First of all, origami is a good example of schematic learning acquired by repeated actions. You need to be very attentive while following the instructions in order to make a good origami piece. They have to be carried out with a great deal of precision which teaches you to be diligent and focused. When I make an origami figure, I always experience feelings similar to those when hunting with a nice crossbow, where you have to be gentle and focused to the maximum,  combined with precise accuracy and patient endurance. Origami is something you can never perform in a hurry. Every action has to be planned, nothing unforeseen is allowed.

origamiAnother reason why I like origami is that it helps to develop your spatial reasoning. Transforming a 2D piece of paper into a 3D figure is a unique exercise which will provide a thorough brainstorm. While folding the paper, your hands follow a sequence of steps which help you learn to create and to manipulate some general geometric shapes. You also get deeper into the basics of symmetry.

Some researchers have been offering origami exercises to people with psychological problems, such as depression for example. The results of these exercises proved to be quite effective and that’s why the origami technique is often used as a part of psychological art therapy. It provides both physical and mental exercise, developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

One of the important results of origami making is emotional satisfaction. As we see a piece of paper transforming into a new development, we feel pleased with the act of creation and raise our self-esteem. This results in us becoming more confident while performing our daily routines. That is why many find the folding of paper not only relaxing, but challenging as well.

For those who have children, I would recommend involving them in this amazing activity. You’ll have the chance to teach them how to be patient, cooperative, and to follow the instructions strictly which can be quite beneficial for their discipline. Start with basics, find some helpful videos, for example, like this one:

However, you should remember to learn origami skills step by step. If you start making a complicated model from the very beginning, you are highly likely to fail and get frustrated. It takes time and effort to develop the capability to fold a complex figure. Some people say it takes as much time as learning to play the piano flawlessly. Take my advice and learn origami techniques. The educational value you can get on your way to mastering paper folding makes it worth trying. So, good luck!

Tips to protect you from health issues due to prolonged sitting

Tips to protect you from health issues due to prolonged sittingHey, everyone! It’s great to be back. I just returned from visiting my friend at the hospital. He had severe back pain and had to stay overnight. He has a job that needs him to sit for long hours on end. Sitting in the same position for over eight hours or more in a day can easily take its toll on your health, which my friend had found out the hard way. Seeing him in trouble, I had to rethink my own position. With my penchant to sit in front of the computer for long hours, I think that my body has taken quite a good deal of abuse.

Since I started playing video games quite at an early age and all through high school and later too all that strain may be too much for my body to take.  But seeing my friend’s plight, I think that there is only so much my resilient body can take and it is time I did something for the problem. Even with the video production, edition and other works I do, I have to sit in a place for long hours on end driving the need for a more effective way to keep my health in good condition.

As my friend said, too much time spent sitting in the same place not only serves to increase the body weight, but also shortens your life span by nearly six years. In short, you are digging a grave for yourself by the prolonged sitting you do.

Further, you tend to slouch when you sit for long hours, which can lead to a bad posture. When you sit erect and in the right posture that keeps your back from feeling the strain, the harmful effects are reduced greatly. Using posture braces such as those available at this site help in improving posture considerably.

While it is difficult to avoid working in front of a computer at present, you need to know the effect the prolonged sitting can bring including obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. In fact sitting for long hours, even if you are working can lead to increased mortality rate. Even if this sounds crazy, colon and breast cancers, diabetes, and heart diseases occur more, when you sit for a long time, and are exacerbated too. Further, even if you go a gym or jog daily, the prolonged sitting can counteract the health effects fully.

And as far as cancer is concerned, there are several trigger factors such as microwaves, X-rays, cat scans and cellphones. A study on the number of people affected by breast cancer and colon cancer in the US show that inactivity is a direct cause. This is because of the increase in inflammation the inactivity initiates.

But you need not panic, as experts give you a way out, which is taking a short break from your work every hour. You can stretch your feet, take a walk, have a drink, or do anything that needs some activity on your part. This can actually save you from an untimely end or attracting deadly diseases. This could also help reduce the waistline, boost good cholesterol levels, and increase your insulin resistance.

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