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About Me | Knit Witology | My Video, Tech, Gadget Blog

About Me

MorganHey everyone, I’m back! The name is Morgan, or how my folks call me KnitWit, or use whatever to your liking, I’m fine! 25 year old power user, computer and video geek at your service.  Things like streaming media, video editing, production and powerful party making are the things I make living of.

I tend to go into rhetoric mood, when I start to rant about my digital rights. Well, that’s ’cause it’s hard to live eating air and sunshine, you know. That’s because I think myself as a decent pro at what I do. And as I always tend to do very best I can squeeze out of myself, yes, being able to call myself the Pro is the least i deserve. (and a couple of bucks too)

Aside from the job, I’m a proud New Yorker. Having tons of friends and acquaintances helps a lot, you know. This is my city and I probably know every decent pub out there. Don’t ask me where to find them, it’s a corporate secret, haha. Do your research yourself.

Some of my awesome skills include impressing small children with my incredible yoyo skills. Aside from that, I’m an adequate Origami artist (making-something-out-of-paper kind of thing), and yes, eating japanese cuisine is a hobby of mine too.

Thanks for passing by my blog, hope you will find it at least useful. Ciao!