7 Pool Party Awesome Ideas

7 Pool Party Awesome IdeasHey everyone, I’m back again, with another new post. It’s about a pool party, of all things. The other day, I was given the task of coming up with a very cool pool party, something that would be both entertaining and memorable for all the guests being invited.

It wasn’t the first party I’ve had to plan and with how well it went, I doubt it will be my last, either. For completing the task with great success, I’ve checked out some awesome above ground pool, click here for more information!

I came up with 7 great ideas to make the event one that would stick in the minds of our visitors. Fortunately for anyone else out there planning a pool party, I’ve decided to share those ideas here:

Fairy Jars

I’m not going to tell you go track down some fairies and stuff them into jars. But I read about something with this name before and it’s pretty cool. All you have to do is find some jars, or any solid, clear containers with lids, then fill them with a mixture of glitter and the stuff from inside glow sticks. Shake it up and you’ve got an amazing light source.

Swimming and a Show

Depending on the crowd you’re looking to entertain, your party might go over much better if you add a movie to the mix. Lots of things are better with a movie added – like dinner, a date, and even swimming. Just don’t play anything like Jaws or Sharknado and you’ll probably be fine.

Specialty Ice Cubes

While alcohol and swimming don’t mix, there are all kinds of safe drinks you could dress up by encasing various herbs, spices and edible flowers in your ice cubes. Not only will these add a unique look to everyone’s drink, but some of them can actually be quite flavorful.

Floating Candles

Getting back to lighting for a moment, there are other alternative sources of light which can really make your pool party look like something out of a favorite fictional story. Did you know there are candles designed to float on the water’s surface? You’ll never have to worry about starting a fire with these candles, that’s for sure.


Most traditional makes of s’mores use a big, bright campfire to make the sweet confections. You can also make them with coal, utilizing small terracotta pots or other containers, just as well. For your next pool party, you may be able to thrill your guests with tasty food if nothing else.

Glow in the Dark Fixtures

Along with the other special lighting effects, you could even go as far as to make your plates, forks, spoons, knives and other fixtures glow in the dark. Combining these with the aforementioned fairy jars and floating candles will make your pool party a sight to behold.

Pool Games

Besides swimming, some of your guests might really enjoy some fun games in the pool. That depends on the type of guests you are serving, though. If you are hosting a children’s party, be sure to find an ideal pool for the family games, that everyone can enjoy! I’m not talking about anything as simple as Marco Polo either – look into pool darts, water polo, basketball and other games which translate well from solid ground into the water.

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