Combat Dummy Promotion

Combat Dummy Promotion-I never really know what kind of order I’m going to get when it comes to video creation and editing. Usually it’s someone who wants to sell something though, so I’ve gotten pretty good at painting people, places and things in a positive light. Sometimes it’s not really necessary to stress how nice or useful or good something is – the benefits are immediately apparent, or the item in question is one a lot of people already have experience with, so they know how useful it can be. For instance, grappling dummies aren’t hard to sell. They have one real use and for that purpose, they’re most excellent.

Recently I had a client ask me to make a video about such dummies, something that would help them to sell said dummies through an online website. So I started with the basics – that’s getting a good view on the subject, from many different angles, so people know exactly what it is they’re dealing with. This is easy enough to accomplish too, since all I really need to do is walk around the subject, a grappling dummy in this case, and take several different pictures while doing so. When I’m done with that, I’m ready to move onto more active shots.

Well, not shots exactly. Next I need to record people interacting with the grappling dummies in question. Unpacking them, setting them up, punching and kicking them are all good things to record like this. The process gives me materials to use for the video later, but more than that, it also gives me a degree of familiarity with the subject. I don’t know about other people who make and edit videos, but having a better understanding of just what it is I’m working with has always made it easier for me to produce higher quality work. Therefore, it’s something I’ve been doing regularly for a long time now.

Basically, what I’m doing is creating a kind of commercial for the product so people will know what it is they’re buying and want to buy it on top of that. Now, for other products, there’s a lot of glamour involved, so selling them is easier. Grappling dummies are big, ugly lumps of resilient material that are literally meant to be beaten upon, so there’s nothing too pretty or handsome about them. I figure I’m going to struggle with this aspect of the video, but there are usually small challenges and obstacles which come up with the jobs I take.

Thankfully, these dummies came in different colors and, on some, with special areas highlighted and colored differently than the rest of the body. They aren’t just those simple, orange torsos that look strangely like circus peanuts (and have a similar texture as well, you know the ones if you work with these dummies). I’ll be sure to let you all know how this project works out in the end, but until then, stay strong and keep busy; idle hands and all of that jazz.

My Experience With A Technology Exhibit in New York

My Experience With A Technology Exhibit in New YorkIt’s me Morgan, your geeky tech expert and as always I’ll discuss all things technology (which sometimes bores my girlfriend.) Anyway, I want to talk about a technology exhibit I attended in New York City called Gadgets For The Body And Mind. This exhibit lasted a good three weeks but I only attended the first two weeks since I had to return to my video production project that I’m working on for a new client for my freelance business. I saw a lot of geeks there but a few were actually posers because when I discussed technology topics with them, they looked clueless. Here are some highlights of that exhibit.

Someone’s Watching You With Gadgets

I embrace certain conspiracy theories and when I saw a line of popular spy gadgets that law enforcement officials and regular people use to spy on people, I was not too happy. For example, I heard about this super small surveillance camera that can be drilled inside any home appliance or even implanted in your purse or suitcase. In addition to this, an attendant showed me a few GPS systems that look like pocket calculators that can be installed in or underneath cars. I visited a seminar within the exhibit that showcased computer programs that allowed someone to monitor all computer activity and I was really upset when I learned about the latest gadgets in cell phone surveillance. Continue reading “My Experience With A Technology Exhibit in New York” »

My Top 5 Music Bands

When I was in college I worked at the campus radio station and I had a blast there because I was given the late night classic rock show that was hosted by an older alumnus for a long time. I went in the stacks and found a lot of great classic rock albums from rare and established rock artists and it was during my time at the station that I developed a liking for all kinds of classic rock bands. Over the years I purchased albums from artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Cream, Moody Blues, The Doors and Fifth Dimension. Altogether I have about thirty albums in my basement and I’m always on the lookout for unreleased material from legendary artists online or at local record stores. Here are my top 5 music:

Fleetwood Mac1. Fleetwood Mac. I must say at the start that I mainly enjoy Fleetwood Mac’s music from the years before the late 80s because I feel that by the time the late 80s rolled around, the group lost their edge with sappy songs such as “Big Love” and “Tell Me Lies” although those songs sounded okay. This group started out as a bluesy rock band in the mid 60s and by the 70s they created their signature slick yet still raw sound, especially the popular 70s album Rumours, which I play all of the time. In fact my mom, who was a hippie college student in the 70s, gets a kick out of how I listen to Fleetwood Mac constantly. She even sings along with every Fleetwood Mac song with as much joy as she did back then. On the other hand, my girlfriend hates this group. She even tried to throw away my “Rumours” album at one point but I forgave her for that.

2. Steely Dan.  This classick rock group may not have the “in your face” lyrics or the heavy drumming and wild guitar riffs like some other classic rock bands but this group sounds great because they have some of the bluesy and at times gritty sound that I like in rock music. After all we wouldn’t have rock music if hadn’t been for blues and jazz that preceded it. Returning to why I like the group Steely Dan, I enjoy the fact that they sing about some of the harsh realities of life as seen in their album Royal Scam. This group can also pump out love songs although I think they sound a bit corny. I think Steely Dan’s music fits well in either a smoky bar or at a popular coffeehouse where the wannabe hipsters hang out sometimes.

Carlos Santana3. Santana. I think it’s so funny that Carlos Santana is now getting into the shoe business with his line of beautiful women’s shoes when I think about his longstanding rock career as the leader of his group Santana. I like how he infuses funk, jazz and blues into his songs and when I think about the group Santana I think about idealistic and zoned out youngsters at Woodstock. His guitar riffs are filled with so much passion and serenity at the same time and I feel this is why he has maintained his popularity and influence. He has a ton of albums that I love but my favorites happen to be his rare albums that are not discussed often by rock music critics. These albums tend to be experimental and less commercial and the songs are even longer for my enjoyment.

4. Jimi Hendrix Experience. Jimi Hendrix Experience was a classic rock group that had most if not all of the standard elements of what rock music was all about back in the day. Jimi Hendrix had his own  individual way of playing the guitar and his singing style was a neat mixture of blues and rock spices that screamed to audiences and everyone else through his albums. Even his wardrobe was matchless in that it was eclectic and eccentric at the same time. There is one artist that comes somewhat close to Jimi Hendrix Experience in my opinion and that is Prince and the Revolution. Like Jimi Hendrix, Prince is is own artist and believes strongly in maintaining creative control over his music.

5. Avril Lavigne.  Avril Lavigne is not your run-of-the-mill pop star; she is one of those slender body bad girls of contemporary rock who reminds me of Joan Jett, Pat Benatar and Blondie during the early 80s. Avril Lavigne has a bold approach to her music and she could care less for candy coated lyrics and syrupy mentality that dominates today’s pop music scene. I like how she deals with complex relationships in her songs and she dresses in an edgy way.

My Other Rambling Thoughts on Classic Rock

Sometimes I wonder what’s up with the committee who picks people to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of  Fame. Other rock fans have felt that there are certain rock artists who deserve to be inducted but who have yet to be inducted and that there are other rock fans who feel that the ones who are inducted should not have been chosen in the first place. A friend of mine and fellow classic rock fan told me that he wasn’t pleased with the fact that Nirvana was chosen into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because he felt that although this band contributed to the grunge scene in the 90s, they didn’t have nearly as much of an impact on rock as Led Zeppelin or Jefferson Airplane.


Classic rock laid the foundation for today’s rock and pop music but I’m not impressed with today’s rock  music because it’s so far away from what rock used to be about. How did we get from Jimi Hendrix to this corny group Hansen within a period of thirty years? Just like a mass of people turned their backs on disco and embraced punk and new wave in the 70s, I wouldn’t mind leading a charge to turn our backs on Katy Perry and One Direction.

A Geek’s Guide to Planning Your New Year

Well, well, well… Guess who’s back? It’s me!

I’ve been away for quite some time. I know you missed me guys. I’m so sorry for that and I hope everyone’s doing just fine. I haven’t had a time to sit, internalize and write, that’s why you haven’t heard a thing from me. I’m well, don’t worry pals!

So, much for apologies, I’d just like to remind everyone that we’re just a stone’s throw away from bidding goodbye to 2018.

I was looking at the calendar the other day and I noticed it’s almost the end of the year! Whatda?? I haven’t even realized it has been a year now! It was a very quick year, wasn’t it?

Well, I hope everyone had a fruitful and great year. Mine was just okay, but generally good.

Speaking of New Year, I feel like I want to share with you some tips on how to make plans for the upcoming year. These are my geeks guide to planning the New Year (and life too/)

You read that right! I may not be “geeky, disorganized type” of pal, but trust me, I make plans (well, most especially during the first few months of the New Year when my goal planner is still shiny and crisp!)

Actually, I’ve been using a goal planner like these: to help me sort out everything in my life as well as to make plans. That’s a little secret about me that you now know guys!

So, let’s get to my planning tips.

First off, you should understand and embrace the importance of planning. A lot of people don’t bother to make plans because they don’t know its benefits. Planning is very important to make your life organized, to improve your productivity and to achieve your goals. Planning is all about success. So, if you want to be successful in life, you gotta have a plan!

Next, make a plan that suits you! What does that mean? Some people are very detail specific. They want everything on the dot. These people make very intricate plans on a daily and even hourly basis. However, you don’t have to make a plan like they do. You should make a plan that fits your personality, strengths and weakness. Your plan is yours. What works for them may not work on you. So, choose the one that you think will work perfectly for you.

Third, establish a schedule for making you plan. Choose a time of the day when you are mostly alone and at peace. Perhaps, you can schedule it every Sunday evening or right before bedtime or before breakfast. Whatever it is, set the time and stick to your schedule. Do it regularly without fail. Keep a pen and your goal planner (or whatever type of planner you find at handy.

Fourth, keep your plans specific and achievable. Every time you achieve a short-term plan, you feel satisfied and encouraged. So, make sure you put down points that can be achieved in a week’s time or maybe within the day. This way you will see results immediately and avoid losing your interest and focus. However, these short-term plans should be geared towards a major goal. Treat your plan as a roadmap towards success in life.

Lastly, act on your plan. Your plans will be nothing if you don’t do anything! Take action. Successful people are those who plan and simply do it. So, if you want the upcoming New Year to be a great one, you have to start now by making a plan!


Sports That You Can Enjoy At Home

Hello, hello everyone! I bet everyone here knows how stressful life can be here in the Big Apple.

I’m pretty sure everyone wants to stay in their perfect shape. Perhaps, one of the best ways to stay dynamic and fit is to take part in various kinds of sports. Sports are a good way to have fun, burn calories, keep the muscles firm; not to mention, it can significantly help your social life. But even if you want to enjoy some sports, going around this city is just terrible.

Horrible traffic jams, delayed trains, unpredictable weather and the list goes on!

But what if I tell you that you could actually enjoy sports without leaving your home?

Here are some good sports you can do at home that will help you improve your physical health.


Everyone enjoys playing basketball in the backyard. Who wouldn’t be hooked to it?

It’s the best way to get your exercise or just practice your jump shot at home. But as fun as it can be playing by yourself, it is much more enjoyable when played with family and friends. Basketball is physically demanding exercise that can help you burn calories quickly. In fact, spending an hour of basketball game can burn 630–750 calories.


You must certainly use your pool to relax. If you’re lucky enough to have one in your yard, you can actually turn it into a personal gym. Swimming is a common aerobic exercise that you can do efficiently in a backyard pool. A good 30-minute swimming session every day can help keep your body fit and improve your immune system. That means, lesser risk for flu, as well as other illnesses.

Table Tennis

Loads of people play table tennis, also known as ping pong. The sport is common around the world and with noble reason. It provides entertainment and health benefits to players of different ages. When playing table tennis at home, you don’t need to have a large space or a separate room. You can definitely enjoy playing table tennis if you use the appropriate tennis equipment that you can read more about on this site


Cycling is perfect because it is not just a sport, it is also one of the top cardiovascular activities. It gives you many options to try and allows you to find the best one that fits for you. It’s stimulating, sociable and offers a holistic workout. Appropriate for everybody, cycling benefits weight loss as it burns calories and improves well-being. Cycling, even just around your house, can really help you maintain a physically fit body.


Running is the best kind of cardio workout that you can do at home or around your neighborhood. Running for several times a week can help you achieve your fitness goals. If you want to increase your running stamina all you have to do is to try some various types of run. The stronger and faster you run the more chances that you’ll lose weight. You can make it as a regular habit of workout.

Exercise and physical activity is essential for everyone, especially adults. No matter your health and physical state, you can achieve a healthy body mass by remaining active. Take this as an advice from a geek: you lose more by not being active! All said, if you really want to stay fit, it should all start with YOU! No more excuses, you don’t have to leave home to be fit!

Could There Be A Day More Horrible Than This?

What’s up guys! I hope you had a great day! Well, mine wasn’t that great. It was terrible!

I had just spent one hell of a day with lots of bummers!

I woke up early to finish a video editing gig. While I was doing some final touches on the project, my computer suddenly crashed. And the worst thing is that I haven’t even clicked the save button. I had to re-work from where I started. Right now, I’m trying to beat a 12-hour deadline or else I’m dead. This project’s a pretty big one and I definitely got a lot to lose.

But that’s not all. My girlfriend was also going through a nasty period with all the horrible stuff and hormonal changes that goes with it. She was very, very irritable. I even had to buy her a menstrual tampon that I read about at Imagine a queue of ladies picking their menstrual supplies and with them was a geeky guy paying for several tampons. Isn’t it a once in a lifetime sight?

On my way home, my car stalled and I was clueless on what to do. I must have done all the DIY hacks for starting a car but all seemed useless. And my GF’s been cursing me on the phone for taking too long just to buy her tampons. I had no choice but to take a taxicab to get my ass back home ASAP. If only I could fly!

I thought all my misery is done but bad luck was trailing me. The cab driver that I hired got lost somewhere and had to do a U-turn. When he finally found the way back, we got stuck in the middle of a traffic jam. I was sitting inside this car, feeling very helpless with a pack of tampons and a nagging girlfriend on the phone. It was the longest hour I have ever lived in my whole life!

Finally, when I arrived at my girlfriend’s place, she was so angry at me for being too lazy and irresponsible. There’s no use explaining to a girl on her period, right? Probably, the icing on the cake is when she told me to go home because she wanted to be alone. Well, I really can’t do anything when she says that I leave, especially that she’s got a horrible monthly visitor.

Now I am left with just a few hours to complete the video project but here I am trying to compose an entry for Knitwitology! Who cares? I just have to let bad luck get past me.

I must’ve woken up at the wrong side of the bed today. I guess I deserve some quiet time after I finish the project.

Where would be a quiet place to find solace here in New York? The Ramble at Central Park, The Frick Collection at the Upper East Side or maybe the New York Botanical Garden. I’m just crossing my fingers that the angel of luck is already on my side.

My Favorite New York Activities

Hey guys, KnitWit here again. Sorry it’s been awhile since my last article… You know I’d much rather be writing for you guys, but sometimes work gets in there and messes that up! Today I want to talk about my favorite activities in NYC, my hometown! A lot of people think that New York is just a business town, but there is so much more there for people to do! There is all kinds of fun to be had in the city. Here are some of my faves to do on the weekends when I’m not bogged down with work. Here we go!


Oh man, how could you not add this one. Clubbing in NYC is DOPE. There are all kinds of girls there, the DJs are the best I’ve ever seen, and Manhattan cocktails are good any time of the year. What’s not to like? I don’t go clubbing every night, cause that would mess you up pretty bad. But I try to make it out with my friends at least once or twice a week. A little tip: be really nice to the doormen and bouncers, but don’t suck up. Try to hit a happy medium. Be friendly without being a suck-up, and they will usually make your night a whole lot easier.


New York has some pretty strict gun laws and it can be really hard to get a gun in the city, but that’s probably for the best. Paintball is so much better! Now, my favorite paintball course isn’t actually in the city, it’s across the river in Jersey City, New Jersey. It’s in the woods, there are places to hide, and all kinds of targets to shoot. I like to get all my gear from browsing the website, and it usually works a lot better than the stuff my friends use. I tend and love to win!

P.S. Make sure you get safety gear before you go to a paintball course. If you don’t have the proper gear like a paintball mask, they will kick you out because it isn’t safe. Just a word of advice!


We’ve already established the drinking is a lot of fun in New York because the clubbing scene is great, but the eating scene is just as good. New York pizza is world-renown for a reason… Because it tastes amazing. And since there is a large population of Italian immigrants in and around the NYC area, the Italian restaurants are top of the line. The Italian wines there are amazing, just as good (or better!) than a lot of the California wines that I like. And if you like Asian food, you need to take a trip to Chinatown. The Asian food there is the best I’ve ever had. And a lot of it is authentic, so if you don’t want the Americanized version you can give it a try there!

New York has something for everyone. If you guys have a favorite activity that I missed let me know!

Tips For A Clutter-Free Desk

Hi, how are you? It’s been quite some time since my last post. I missed all of you guys!

I’ve been doing a lot of things lately and hardly able to sit in my computer desk. In fact, when I got back to my computer desk, I realized that everything’s a mess. So, I decided to do a major desk clean-up. I had thrown lots of useless stuff that have piled up in my desk and where mosquitoes have found a good breeding place. I had to use an insect repellant, the one I read at, to finally get rid of them.

Upon completing my clean-up drive, I decided to write this post. Here let me give you some tips and tricks on how to maintain a clutter-free desk!

  1. Label your folders, equipment and accessories

Keep your documents properly labeled and organized in folders. As for the devices, you can label tem based on the device where it is used.

  1. Digitize all files

Every time you receive a document, automatically scan it. Decide whether you need to keep the paper document. If you would still need the actual paper document, store it in a labeled folder. If you are not likely to use it, place it in a box that is ready for long-term storage. This should keep your desk free of piles of papers.

  1. Organize your wires and cables

Wires and cables are a common annoyance in office or home desks. They do not only look your desk disorganized they can also cause electronic problems. A good way to keep them organized is by bundling them together using Velcro one-wraps. If the chords are long enough, you can coil them up and store beneath the table.

  1. Keep paperclips, USB sticks, and other small items in boxes

Aside from wires these small digital gadgets and office supplies can easily clutter your desk. Place a box at your desk where you can store all these items. You can repurpose any box or buy an office box. I have a repurposed gift box.

  1. Make more storage, away from your desk

Most of the time, you don’t have enough storage space so things get piled up in your office desk. To avoid clutter from piling up in your desk, you might need to create new storage spaces. Make sure that these storage spaces are away from your desk – perhaps, a new overhead cabinet or a separate desk with drawers.

Lastly, make sure that you clean up before you leave your desk. This is one lesson I learned while cleaning up my own mess. I’m sure I won’t be having this problem if I only diligently did this one thing every single day!

So, there you have it, my tips for a clutter-free, ready-for-work desk. Hopefully, you got some nice tips. See you on my next post!

Sports For A Fit Geek

Except for yo-yo, I actually don’t have any sports. Or is yo-yo even a sport? Well, I hope so.

Geekyness and sports don’t always (perhaps hardly ever) go together. They’re like oil and water that don’t mix up. I admit, I haven’t played any sport for the longest time.

Well, don’t get me wrong. I’m not taking about “games” because they are technically not sports. You won’t burn real calories or sweat out by outclassing others in a speed-chess match!

A real sporting event is where you’ll get your butt out of the couch, work your muscles and burn fat; the likes of basketball or soccer or football where you will wear sports gears like those at These are “real” sports! But the problem with these sports is that you’ll have to mingle and work with a team. Well, that’s not our turf. That’s out of our nerdy comfort zone. And I guess, other players would not want to take us into their team too.

But geeks and nerds out there need not shun sports. There are actually some sports the Great Geek God designed for us! Here are some of sporting events geeks might just find exciting.

  1. Tennis: If you don’t feel like playing with an opponent, you could play tennis with yourself! Yeah, you can do that with the tennis practice wall. That’s like shadow-boxing. For sure, you can develop great tennis skills when you do that. Who knows, the next US Open Champ could be from the world of geeks.
  2. Disc Golf: Well, this one’s mix of Frisbee and golf. For this sport, you need to throw the plastic discs in a big, public park. The goal is to land the discs in wire baskets. There’s no running but you’ve got to have good upper-body for the throw and lower-body for the long walk.
  3. Fencing: Perhaps, the best geek-sport, fencing will get your entire body moving. And best of all, you’ve got a lightsaber!
  4. Wushu: We sure love to create and live out our fantasies. Wushu just lets you do it – and people won’t laugh at you. It’s actually Chinese martial arts that can both be used for performance or martial application. You can use bare hands but there are also short weapon or long weapons that will make you look more explosive and fierce! Plus, the costumes are great!
  5. Dance Dance Revolution: Yeah, this sport is actually computer based, again! But it can help you burn calories in just one full round. No need to worry if you’ve got two left foot, as long as you hit the right button.
  6. Wii Fitness: Is this really a sport or a game? But never mind, what’s important is that it can help you sweat out and burn calories. Wii Fitness offers hundreds (if countless) different games and exercise routines that can get your butt moving.

There you have it six sports that nerdy-types will find enjoyable. Hope to see all of you in a Geek Olympics in the future!

Video production tips for newbies

Hey, everyone, a happy new year to you all! The holidays have been a big blast and I’m yet to get down to the work that I had left behind, before the holidays began. The video production job I had taken on needed plenty of work done on it that I couldn’t find the time to focus on.

Now with the holiday break behind me, I feel excited and eager to take on the work and finish it.  The work does not seem to be as daunting as it did before the vacation. That’s what a cool holiday break does to you. While professional videos demand more attention to detail, home videos are an entirely different matter.

In the You Tube age we live in now, home videos are as common as photos. Videos reasonably good ones can be created just with your digital camera or even the camera in your phone. However, for a professional looking video, a camcorder is the ideal choice. Regardless of the type of camera you are using, here are some tips to kick-start your video creation, so you end up with professional looking videos.


Planning is important, regardless of what event you are videotaping. For instance, if it is a wedding anniversary celebration, your list should include the guests arriving, welcoming the guests, presentation of bouquets and gifts, cutting of the cake, gifts being opened, entertainment, dancing, food, and the guests leaving the venue.

If the event has an agenda, it can be used to prepare the videotaping list. When you know about what is going to happen during an event, it will be easier to prepare the shots and make a good production. During one of my video shoots outdoors for a birthday party, I found the view being blocked by low-lying branches. Fortunately, the host had a nice pole saw he had purchased at, which I used to clear the block and have a good angle of the cake cutting ceremony.


Whether it is still photography or videos, a tripod is a vital gear to have, even if it is a great hassle setting it up. If you are staying put in the same place while taking the video, a tripod is best to get clean and steady shots. For smooth recordings, tripod is important.

Close up

It is important to shoot close as in photography. This is to reduce the distractions in your shots and make them more appealing. Wide, close-up, medium, and extreme close shots are the four main shots used in videography. To begin with, you have to first establish the shot. This involves taking a video shot of the event or place where you are creating the video, such as an outdoor area or a party set indoors.

Wide and close

You should be able to shoot medium range to close up shots. For instance, in a birthday party you take a medium range shot of the guests greeting the birthday girl and then zoom in to the girl opening the present to give the shots a dramatic effect.

You need to familiarize with shooting different positions and angles to give the video a more lively and vibrant quality. If you are not planning to do any editing afterwards, make sure you time the shots to get a clear and crisp recording.

My Trip To Uncle’s House

Hey guys, it’s me Morgan and in this blog I’ll talk about my trip to my uncle’s house in Colorado. Nowadays his favorite place to visit is the local marijuana retailers and now that marijuana is legal in this state, he buys quite a bit of it. Since I know that marijuana prices would rise as the demand gets higher for it, I suggested that my uncle grow his own marijuana indoors so he can save money on the herb but then he told me, “I have a busy job and I just don’t have much time. You need grow lights to grow marijuana indoors and I’m not always able to buy a lot of grow lights and other necessary supplies. This is why I buy it instead.”

My Thoughts On Marijuana Legalization

I think it’s a good thing that marijuana is now legal in Colorado because the state’s residents no longer have to be criminalized for buying and growing marijuana; they can have better access to the marijuana and for many people this means an improvement in health conditions. For example, my uncle’s twin sons have epilepsy and when they use marijuana they notice a decrease in the epileptic seizures and headaches. My uncle struggles with multiple sclerosis and when the pain gets the best of him, he gets relief from marijuana.

The Neighbor’s Indoor Grow Room

My uncle has this quirky neighbor who lives across the street and  we visited the neighbor’s indoor growing room. The neighbor showed me an old indoor growing guide he had from a few years ago and he served tuna sandwiches to my uncle and I as we discussed tips on growing marijuana in a grow room. The neighbor told my uncle that the temperature of the grow room shouldn’t be too hot or cold and that a fan should placed in the grow room to cool the plants as they grow. My uncle also talked about how all the grow rooms he visited recently contained LED grow lights and how those lights that are energy efficient.

Marijuana Legalization Creates Jobs

My uncle mentioned to me while in Colorado that thanks to the recent legalization of marijuana in the state, it allowed for more people to become small business owners. He said that prior to the legalization, the town he lived in was filled with petty crimes that involved marijuana but now they can earn a living for themselves with what they enjoy. I agree and this could be the start of a new kind of economy in Colorado and posibly the rest of the country.


I enjoyed myself in Colorado with my uncle and as I checked out the marijuana shops and indoor grow rooms, I’m amazed at how far we’ve come over the past thirty or more years. I’m not ready to start my own grow room yet but at least I’ll have the knowledge I learned here to get started when that time comes.

Here are a few thoughts on improving your handicaps in life

Here are a few thoughts on improving your handicaps in lifeHello! It’s me again. Your favorite knit wit and computer and streaming geek who just happens to be quite good at what he does, in spite of perceived handicaps standing in his way. That’s what today’s post is going to be about then. I’d thought I’d help you guys off to a great start for the New Year by sharing some thoughts on improving our handicaps in life.

Perhaps you’ve noticed this already but being playful with words is another forte of mine. Well, it’s becoming something of a good habit anyhow because now I can communicate better all my other advice and tips and tricks on the stuff you’ll want to be reading about in the new year, things like new games and what to expect from new product developments from the world’s leading tech companies.

Optimize your apps for eating out

A good hand-held GPS unit will get you quite far in my town. It’s called the Big Apple but now it’s starting to test my hunger pangs and remind me of another big Apple on the other side of the country in a town called Silicone Valley. New York City is also known as the city that never sleeps and for good reason too. While I’m particularly proud of this attribute, New York has legendary status as a multi-cultural hub.

This presents me with another handicap of sorts because one of the world’s largest cities makes it quite difficult for this hungry lad to decide what to eat tonight, having to choose from literally thousands of restaurants and take-outs. Like most other New Yorkers and as you may have gathered, I’m a pretty busy guy, so don’t have time for cooking right now. Now, you might be thinking why I would want to improve my handicaps in life.

Use metaphors to motivate yourself

Why not just get rid of them altogether, for crying out loud. As I said earlier, I’m getting to enjoy my play with words, and chose the golfing metaphor to motivate what I’ll be closing this post with. Yes, it’s true that we should be trying to rid ourselves of handicaps, but let’s face it, particularly if you are physically disabled or mentally challenged, you’re stuck for life with whatever you are faced with. Like the game of golf, you simply have to drive a little harder at improving your handicap.

Now, there’s another peculiar thing about golf worth penning here. When we play our video games we are always challenging ourselves to go for a high or highest score, right? Not so with golf. Apparently, you’re a winner if your score is the lowest of the lot.

Start the New Year by keeping a scorecard

Talk about being below par. Well, that’s how I want to start the New Year. It’s no good making promises that you can’t keep. But what you can do is keep a score card, like they do in golf, and strategize new ways and means to improve your lot in life, no matter what your handicap.

Creating Video Sets

Creating Video SetsWhile my influence on a video tends to end with recording or editing the work, there are many things which go into creating any sort of video. For starters you need a script, or something similar for the reader or readers to use when speaking during the video. You also need to create the set itself.

You might do this with a green screen and a computer program, but newer isn’t always necessarily better. Many production teams still create physical sets for recording videos, and there are few devices more useful when creating physical sets than the framing nailer.

Basically, a framing nailer is a handheld device which is used to join together large objects, usually pieces of wood. It works in a similar fashion to your everyday nail gun, except it uses much bigger, thicker nails and it drives these with reduced accuracy. This would be perilous if you were doing meticulous work, but nailing two support beams together isn’t exactly meticulous, is it? These nailers are useful for crafting stages and sets as well, since those are usually made mostly from wood. You can nail together walls, floors, ceilings and more with a framing nailer, so it’s versatile too.

Like other power tools, you will need a source of electricity for your framing nailer to work. In this way it is inferior to a simple hammer and nails, but since the device can hammer as many nails as a dozen people in the same amount of time or less, it has its positive side as well. Besides the wooden elements in a set, you must consider other additions like plants, glass panes, furniture and more. While a framing nailer could theoretically be used to nail together different pieces of wood in a couch, for example, this sort of wood work is typically too fine and precise for such a machine to do well.

The set you create for your video must be realistic and relevant to the video itself. If you’re trying to sell a floor cleaner, for example, your set must have floors of some kind. It would probably be good if they were composed of materials your cleaner is designed to clean, as well. Many points in creating sets seem like common sense to those viewing from the outside, but as has been said so many times in the past, hindsight is 20/20. When you’re in the thick of it and trying to create something on a strict timeline, some of these points might escape you.

Many other tools go into set creation as well. You’ll need saws, hammers, sanders and mops; brooms, brushes, paints and more. With the vast number of supplies necessary to craft a set, you will probably want to be positive of whatever set you want to make, before you start. Try drawing things out by hand and noting the materials you will need for each of these sketched sets before you start actual construction. This can save a lot of money and time, both of which are typically in short supply when making videos.

Tips for Watching Better Streaming Videos

cinema-450805_960_720Hi everyone, I’ve just returned from a friend’s place. We had a blast watching a live video streaming on my friend’s latest smartphone. With many big names in streaming such as UStream, Justin TV and other options present, you can now have easy access to entertainment and news in real time.

But being spoilt for choices can have its own downside. Choosing the wrong one can make the entire experience a sour one. Here are some quick streaming tricks and tips to make your streaming path smoother and truly enjoyable.

Use your TV for comfort

While streaming works best on your desktop, watching it is not as comfortable as in you do in your couch in the living room. If you have a desktop or laptop with HDMI port, you can connect it to your HDTV and watch. Comfort is always paramount whether you are at home or driving in your car. And when it comes to babies and kids safety too ranks high in the list. My friend uses a top quality car seat he got from, to ensure his child is safe and comfortable while driving.

Streaming resolution

If you have hiccupping or stuttering streams, changing the resolution of the video stream can help. But I’ve found that lowering the resolution is not the answer to this problem. You may have to experiment with higher and lower resolutions, before you find one that works better.

Easy stream switch

apple-691282_960_720For those who are more inclined towards streaming video games and related videos, third party streaming clients such as WellPlayed and Teevox provide an all-inclusive and user friendly interface for watching the streams from or

If you want to view multiple streams concurrently or switch easily between two separate streams, Teevox is a great choice. It has two mobile Android apps, so you can even watch your favourite shows on the go.

My friend uses these apps while he goes on family trips. With his wife driving and kid safely secured in a Infant Car Seat, he enjoys the videos without any interruption.  With the help of the apps your tablet or smartphone can turn into a remote for controlling your PC, if your streaming via your PC for your HDTV. You needn’t get up every time you want to change channels.

Easy chat feature

The key feature that makes live streaming popular is the ease with which you can interact with all other viewers and even the event host via the inbuilt chat feature such as mIRC.  You just log into the chat room on the streaming TV such as Twitch or Justin TV by entering your account name and the channel you prefer to watch.  Once you enter in the password, you can join the chat with other viewers and best of all, you will not have any lag in the video as the pressure on the browser is eliminated.

Hardware acceleration

When you come across a heavy pixelated stream, or you are using web player with Flash base, you have a way out of the heavy pixilation.  You should right click on your stream window and choose the settings option. In the settings, uncheck the enable hardware acceleration. While the pixilation issue may not resolve, if it is due to fault in our internet connection, the hardware acceleration has been found to cause the pixilation in many live streaming sites.

Using Modern Technology to Work Older Machines

Using Modern Technology to Work Older MachinesThere is often a painful contrast between the technology of today and those machines which people have grown accustomed to using over the previous decade (Or two, or three, or more). You’ve probably heard a pretty popular line once or twice in the past; “Why do we need x when we already have y?”

While new and improved technology is known to make lives easier and allow for doing more work in the same amount of time or less, using the same amount of resources or less, that isn’t where the benefits end. New technology can actually make it easier to use some of that old tech you’re enamored with.

One shining example that comes to my mind is cutting wood. The wood lathe is still popular and still used today when working with wood, making it one of the oldest tools still being used by modern society. There are computer programs which can help you to run simulations and figure out the best angles at which to cut the wood before you even buy a piece of wood to work with in the first place. If you’ve ever worked with CAD or similar drafting programs, you should already have an idea how computers can make cutting wood more accurate and cost effective.

Well, even if you haven’t, I can explain to you how it works. Simulate a piece of wood in your program which is the same length, width and size as the piece of wood you’re supposed to be working with when you’re cutting. Then simulate the cuts you want to make, watching the piece of imaginary wood change as you slice off piece after piece. If you don’t like what you see, you can always start over again – without needing a new piece of wood for each attempt. The benefits here should be simple enough to understand.

While I don’t have much occasion to work with a wood lathe in my line of work, that doesn’t mean other people don’t. Producing videos can be an extensive project depending on what needs to be recorded, and I would be lying if I said people haven’t used wood lathes in the past to make pieces of a stage or set. They are versatile tools and very popular when working with wood, since they give the user much more control over the finished product than would be possible with a simple clamp and saw combination.

Table tops (and table leg, for that matter), doors, floors, window molding and more can all be crafted using a wood lathe. The only problem with this is how expensive wood lathes tend to be. Even simplistic machines can cost several hundred dollars. If you want one of the more advanced ones, you should expect to pay ten times as much, or even more. It is possible to make a lathe right in your home too, though you shouldn’t expect much from something you make yourself unless you’re pretty handy at that sort of thing.

Electric Violins – an Amazing Technological Item

Electric Violins - an Amazing Technological ItemI met an old friend last week for coffee. I hadn’t seen him in a bit and I found out that he was in a band. I knew he played the violin, and I have a soft spot for them, so I said yes when he asked if I would like to come see them play at a gig in a club on the Upper East Side. So I went and saw them play, and they were amazing! But what I was most surprised at what that my friend used to play a beautiful classic violin, and now he had this black and red badass electric violin. I met him backstage later and asked to see it and was quite impressed. That’s where I got the inspiration to look into electric violins a bit and write a post about them. So here it is!

The main difference between an electric violin and a regular one is that electric violins have an electronic sound output. These are not to be confused with amplified violins which just have a pickup built into the body. Electric violins usually don’t have a solid body and that’s the main reason their design is sometimes so cool. Yes, beautifully carved wooden violins are amazing, but there is something so badass about these no-body violins!

I knew all of that before I started investigating them, but what I didn’t know s that they have been used since the 1920s! They were pretty rare than, and not many people used them. Well, times are a-changing and today really a lot of artists opt for electric violins rather than regular ones. And another thing worth mentioning about them is that a good electrical violin is not even that expensive to buy. From what I saw, a good classical violin is often more expensive!

From what I gathered from articles and forums, and from my friend, a lot of people prefer electric violins because they are amazingly versatile – you can excel by playing the national anthem, as well as at a wedding. They are also great for silent practicing, which you simply cannot do with a classical violin. A lot of people go electric because they live in apartment buildings and don’t have a place where they can practice because of the noise. This is not a problem with electric violins, as you can just put headphones on and practice without being heard.

Another amazing thing about electric violins is that you can actually plug an SD card in them and combine the sound you make with any recording you want! Amazing! It can also serve as a practice tool and a motivational incentive. Imagine rocking out to the sound of your favourite band!

Considering all I heard at the concert and all the videos and recordings of electric violinists I heard later, I am now determined to make a video which would feature an electric violin as a first instrument. With their amazing sharp sound and rawness, I think they would go great in a rock music video!

How to Throw an Awesome Backyard Party

neon-828789_960_720Here’s KnitWit again! As you probably know, I am a dedicated party maker. I like organizing various party-related events in different places – at home or at a club. However, my biggest passion has always been outrageous backyard partying. Having some crazy moments with your friends outside during the warm time of the year, posting instant images to Instagram or Facebook is absolutely marvelous and entertaining.

For me, a real backyard party has never been just about the food, drinks, and nice décor. Although these things matter too, offering some unbelievable and capturing activities for the party program are the most significant factors to make a top-class party. Many people do not realize the potential of their backyards while arranging a party. Here are some of my ideas on how you can use what you already have to prepare a cool evening.

Swimming Pool

If you are lucky to have that in your backyard, be sure to use it, especially if the weather is warm and there’s a good opportunity for sun bathing. Instead of sweating and hiding in the shade from the sun, you can offer your guests plenty of pool party games which provide perfect entertainment and help to overcome the summer heat. Make sure you have some extra towels for your guests in case some forget to bring their own. And of course, don’t forget to provide a room for your guests to change into their bathing suits.


boy-744261_960_720Bounding into the air on a good trampoline, like those you can find at JUMPSPORTLAND, is one of the most enjoyable ways to spend your time outside. If you have this piece of equipment, be sure to offer it to your guests. Don’t worry, it’s a pastime loved not only by kids. Most adults will enjoy it as well. However, remember to provide some safety measures by installing the enclosure netting. And of course, don’t exceed the weight capacity.


No matter how loud the music is and how crazy the entertainment is, any party needs a relaxation place where people can have a rest and a place to socialize. If you have a few reliable trees in your backyard, be sure to assemble a couple of comfortable hammocks where your guests can enjoy the natural surroundings and garden designs. There are lots of different hammocks varying in materials, designs and sizes. If possible, try to get an oversized type so that you can fit a bunch of your friends there where they can enjoy their soft drinks and listen to the music.

Backyard Movie

If you happen to have a video projector and a good sound system, try to add versatility to your backyard party activities by setting up an outdoor movie theater. Use some white bed sheets as a screen, get some chairs for your guests and the theater is ready. Don’t forget the popcorn!  

You can measure the success of your party in many ways, from the number of the guests to the time when the party is over. However, if you want to throw an unforgettable party, be sure to offer some unique entertainment for your guests.            

Stay Fit With Brazilian Martial Arts

judo-297653_960_720Hey, everyone! I’ve been in a ‘writing’ mood these days, so here are some of my fresh thoughts on how you can actually make your life healthier and try to live offline, at least for a while. Many might think: well what’s the problem, dude? Just do some workouts or jog in the morning, like millions do. Eh, you know it’s not that I’m too lazy to do those, but why not try making your fitness routines a little bit more interesting and fun? That’s why I’ve recently decided to find out the hidden benefits of an exotic activity such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. So, let’s get started!

My regular readers probably know that I have never tried any of the Eastern martial arts (origami does not count, unfortunately, ha-ha). My fighting experience does not go any further than some minor kid fights at the primary school backyard ending with a couple of bruises and a disciplinary punishment from the school management. However, staying fit is something I have always been dedicated to in spite of my computer addiction.

For this reason, I have recently decided to visit one of my friends who’s fond of BJJ and has been practicing it for a couple of years already. So here’s what I have found out.

First of all, you don’t need any special equipment to start practicing BJJ, except maybe a comfortable Gi like those you can find at BJJBOOTCAMP. Most of the students who have just started training say that they have quickly lost excessive weight and feel like their bodies are much more flexible now. Many also talk about how much strength they have gained and how they are in better shape.

Many people start practicing this kind of sport in order to look better as well as to learn using their body as one unit. I believe this is a good idea for our current society, with its permanent sitting in a car or in front of a computer. As you increase your body awareness, you soon gain mobility and strength even though you might not necessarily see it on the mats. In other words, physical fitness is one of the key aspects of BJJ and that’s what probably makes it so popular.

Along with physical enhancements coming as a result of BJJ training, you get mental improvements which can be often overlooked. While learning a technique, you must apply a great deal of mental activity as if you were studying a school subject. Some say it is the most challenging part of the process requiring concentration as well as a great deal of agility. So if you’re an impulsive person who gets easily frustrated when things get hard, BJJ is probably not for you.

However, hard training may teach you to direct your emotions to reach your goals which I believe is quite a rewarding experience. The ability to stand up and continue every time you fall (literally) is a great ability you can acquire while practicing BJJ. In my opinion, this sport offers great opportunities to improve your body and your mind. So if you haven’t decided yet what kind of sport to go for, try BJJ as an option.

Full Body Workout with the Power Rack

Full Body Workout with the Power RackSo, I was feeling out of shape lately since I have been busy with work. I live in New York City and that should be enough to tell you what it is like living there. Everything is fast-paced with the morning rush, crowds, and tourists trying to get from one notable NYC site to the next. Another thing about New York City is the food. Pizza, hot dogs, and other delectable dishes are easy to get and with the bodegas, there is plenty of junk food to snack on. Anyway, back to feeling out of shape. I figured that I should do something about it. I don’t want to go to the gym, especially since I don’t want to shell out money each month. I heard about a product that can help me exercise and burn the excess fat. So, I hit the sports store and found a piece of equipment that caught my eye.

I saw the power rack and figured, “Eh, why not?” After receiving and putting it together, I wanted to try out some exercises I saw when reading a couple of men’s fitness magazines. I didn’t just want to drop weight; I wanted to add a few pounds of muscles to my frame. Ladies would like to see KnitWit with some bulging biceps and appearing “yoked”. This simple piece of kit for full body workout blew my mind when I started to exercise six times a week, for three months.

At first, I was having trouble getting into it. I’m not used to using a power rack, but after watching a few weightlifting videos online, I became determined to build my dream physique. First, I did the power rack squats. These squats beef up the quads and strengthen the hamstrings and glutes (yes, my butt muscles). First, I put the bar hooks a bit lower than shoulder length. Next, I set the safety bars to a position that would help me squat at a depth of my choice. With my feet shoulder-width apart, I let the barbell sit on my shoulders. It was a struggle at first to bend my knees and make my thighs go parallel as I went towards the ground. Luckily, I had a friend who has experience with weightlifting to spot me. I do four sets of 8 repetitions with a minute to rest in between.

The second exercise I love doing is the power rack bench press. This exercise builds mass on your chest and triceps while working the abdominals.  I simply set the bar to the height I want, lift the bar carefully, and press the weight off my chest. Again, my friend was making sure it was done safely. I do about 4 sets of 6-8 reps with 3 minutes in between.

Some other exercises that I learned were shoulder presses, dips (for chest and triceps), and partial curls for my biceps. I did these exercises and after the first month, I noticed how easy it was to twist a jar of pickles! Okay, I’ve never had problems opening a jar, but all kidding aside, I did notice how easy it was to pick up boxes and carry groceries in a single trip. If you are looking for a piece of equipment to use for workouts, definitely buy the power rack. All I know is the power rack was a great investment for my overall wellbeing.

Streaming about Steaming

Streaming about SteamingDo you have the kind of parents who send you gifts during the holidays and then call you over and over again for the next year or so, asking if you’re getting any use out of the things they sent you? I have parents like this. It’s not really accurate what I said either, about it stopping after a year; once the next holiday season comes around and we all exchange gifts again it just starts over, like some kind of circle. At least it’s not a downward spiral or anything; I’m really happy that my folks still keep me in mind even though I’m grown and gone from home.

Well, this last time, I finally figured out a way to make it stop, I think. Not the gift-giving, I rather enjoy that part. But I figured, if I could just show them that I was getting some use out of their presents, that should stop the questions a lot earlier in the year, right? Well that’s what I decided to do. Specifically, I did some streaming where I showed off the new steaming iron my mother sent me, so she could see with her own eyes that I was indeed enjoying the gift, and I didn’t just return it or something like that.

There’s really not much to tell about that. I ironed some clothes while she watched, showed them off once I was finished and even asked her for some help with applying starch during the ironing process. It was a nice little bonding moment for us, but nothing anyone would want to read about. While we went back and forth, she told me she found the iron she bought for me by searching at New Comfy Life first. It’s not a website I ever heard of before, but since I’ve also never gone shopping for steaming irons, that makes sense.

I ended up really liking my new iron, so I went and visited that website a couple days later when I had the time to do some senseless browsing. It turns out they have reviews for all kinds of ironing boards as well, which you can read at if you wish. Hey, who knows, maybe you’re looking for some useful gift to give to somebody you love, right? Well if it helps any of you out, be sure to let me know so I can keep doing stuff like this.

As for the iron, I don’t think my clothes have ever looked better. Don’t go telling my ma, but I think I do an even better job of ironing my clothes than she did, back when she used to do it for me. I mean, I was never really in practice or anything, so maybe it’s the iron itself which is making the work so easy. I’m going to keep working with it, maybe let her try it a few times to see the results she gets, and then document everything in some awfully boring record somewhere.

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